Welcome to NBA Betting, a strategy guide to betting on the NBA through online sportsbooks. It’s hard to find a more exciting league than the NBA with stars that include LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, Dirk Nowitzki and Jeremy Lin! This is a league of superstars where one trade, one injury or one coaching move can spell the difference between victory and defeat. And any type of move or change can also mean the difference between a team beating or not beating the point spread.

At NBA Betting, we’ll make sure that you know all that you need to know in order to understand what’s going on in the league and to make the best NBA bets. We are always in search of breaking news, a different angle or insider information. Anything that will give you the edge that you need to be a winner.

NBA Betting There’s Nothing Like it

Basketball tends to be one of the most popular sports to bet in the U.S., and the NBA with its 30 teams, and extended season gives bettors ample opportunity to wager. But too often people bet on the NBA in a blind manner, without understanding the odds, risks and match ups.

That’s why NBABetting.Org created the NBA Sports Betting Guide. We wanted to develop a true resource for the beginner as well as one that could be used by those who already possess some NBA wagering experience. You will find other sites that offer information on NBA betting but none as comprehensive as the betting guide from NBA Betting.

Use this page to connect with our NBA Sports Betting Guide. You’ll find more than 20 detailed chapters covering numerous subjects, including types of bets, money management principals, and wagering techniques.

Our NBA Betting Guide Organization

We’ve divided our NBA Sports Betting Guide into four sections—Introduction to NBA Sports Betting, Money Management, Strategy and Tools, and Betting on Specific Situations and Information. Each section contains important information on NBA sports betting that will help to make you a winner.

Section One: Introduction to NBA Sports Betting

The initial chapters on NBA betting explain everything from point spreads to exotics. This section includes advice on which bets are best to make and which you should avoid. If you’re wondering what the difference is between a spread and line, how futures work or if you should wager on a six-team parlay, then this section will prove to be a huge help to you.

Chapter 1 – Sports Betting and NBA Point Spreads
Chapter 2 – NBA Sports Betting and the Best Way to Make Money
Chapter 3 – Sports Betting and NBA Moneylines
Chapter 4 – Sports Betting and the Over/Under in the NBA
Chapter 5 – Sports Betting and NBA Exotics
Chapter 6 – NBA Sports Betting and the Parlay

Section Two: Money Management

If you’re going to be successful at sports betting, you will have to treat it as a business. The NBA season is long with many ups and downs and you’re going to have to ride them out in order to survive. That means practicing sound money management.

The secret to being successful is making quality bets based on solid information and sound analysis. You have to know how much you should risk on a specific game or type of bet. We’ll discuss money management in the long run and on a week-by-week basis. In later sections, we’ll focus on specific types of situations such as the playoffs and preseason. In our NBA betting guide, we cover everything that you need to know.

Chapter 7 – NBA Sports Betting and Five Essentials
Chapter 8 – NBA Sports Betting and the Long Run
Chapter 9 – What’s Your Weekly NBA Sports Betting Budget?

Section Three: Strategy and Tools

Our Strategy and Tools chapters include numerous techniques and methods that you can utilize throughout the NBA season. We evaluate essential tools, the benefits of using a pick service and how to analyze each aspect of the game. This section can be used each and every day.

Chapter 10 – The NBA and the First Month of Sports Betting
Chapter 11 – Sports Betting and NBA Stats
Chapter 12 – NBA Best Bets
Chapter 13 – NBA Tool Kit
Chapter 14 – NBA Sports Betting Tips – Top Ten Do’s and Dont’s
Chapter 15 – Utilizing Matchups in NBA Sports Betting
Chapter 16 – Evaluating NBA Trades—Winners and Losers
Chapter 17 – NBA Off-Season and Sports Betting

Section Four: Betting on Specific Situations and Information

The final section of our NBA Sports Betting Guide focuses on what to do in various situations and with different kinds of information. These chapters get into detail that can give you an edge on everything from the playoffs to foul shooting to betting on and against NBA stars.

Chapter 18 – NBA Sports Betting and Foul Shooting
Chapter 19 – Betting on and against NBA Stars
Chapter 20 – NBA Sports Betting and the Sixth Player
Chapter 21 – Sports Betting on the NBA Playoffs
Chapter 22 – Sports Betting the Second Half in the NBA
Chapter 23 – NBA Pre-season Assessments and Sports Betting
Chapter 24 – Sports Betting and the NBA Draft
Chapter 25 – Sports Betting and NBA Futures

Utilize Our Sports Betting Guide

Our guide will give you a real edge when it comes to wagering on the NBA. Read each and every chapter and then come back and refresh yourself when you find a need to revitalize your wagering prowess. The NBA Sports Betting Guide is about facts and stats, detailed analysis and smart wagering. There are no tricks here just quality information from top professionals.

NBA Sports Betting Picks—the Best Bets Edge

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Each of these guides, both of which are free of charge, contain over 20 chapters. Our sports betting guide is designed for those who are just starting out but even if you’ve been wagering for some time, we’re sure you’ll find many of the chapters to be helpful as we treat everything from sound money management to the negative aspects of playing parlays.

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Our Sports Betting Guide, which has also been created for the beginner, contains chapters on more advanced types of methods and strategies such as a consideration of key differences between betting on NCAA basketball and the NBA or how to recognize and exploit second half game trends.

Utilize these guides to create a solid foundation for your sports betting endeavors. Use them as references that you can come back to time and again. Be sure to review chapters that deal with common miscues sports bettors make to ensure that you stay true to a process that includes solid money management and informed wagering.

NBA Betting Blog

Our blog is a great way to stay informed on changes, trends and developments in the league that can influence any wagers you might make. Also in the blog, we’ll look at any new types of wagers that sportsbooks may offer and evaluating the worth and value of each. We’ll also utilize the blog to alert you to any scams and tricks that are out there so that you don’t get taken. You’ll also have an opportunity to comment on any blog.

Online Sportsbooks Reviews

Our ongoing sportsbooks reviews will serve as an essential tool that will alert you to good deals regarding spreads and lines, tell you how reliable a book has been and let you know about any special offers that they may be offering. Of course in these reviews we’ll cover all of the basics, including types of bets taken, minimums, and maximums allowed, and banking practices. We’ll be sure to look carefully at Vegas sportsbooks and if sports betting ever makes its way to the shores of Atlantic City, we’ll be there.


At NBA Betting, we’re determined to be the industry’s trendsetter. In order to take advantage of developing opportunities such as live betting, bettors must stay up-to-date to make sure that they exploit the latest information and understand groundbreaking developments. We’re focused on NBA betting all through the night and day. Bookmark NBABetting.org right now; you’ll be back time and again.

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