Atlanta Hawks History

Before this franchise became the Atlanta Hawks they went through many different names. In 1946 the team started out as the Buffalo Bisons, however this moniker did not stick long as the team moved to Illinois after thirteen games and become the Tri-City Blackhawks. The franchise became a member of the NBA (National Basketball Association) soon after in 1949. Two years later the team again moved, this time to Milwaukee Wisconsin, where the name was finally changed to the Hawks. Four years later the team moved to St. Louis, Missouri where the franchise won its one and only NBA championship in 1958. Despite the success the team finally moved to Atlanta in 1968 where they have stayed ever since. Since the team has moved so many times its not a surprise that the franchise has struggled for many of these years. Aside from Dominique Wilkins, the Hawks have not had many superstar players to lead their teams and as a result have often suffered as a team.

Atlanta Hawks Ownership

Since the franchise moved cities so often it is no surprise that the ownership of the team was just as volatile. That problem was fixed in 1977 when the team was sold to Ted Turner, owner of Turner Broadcasting Systems and other cable stations. Turner bought the Hawks in addition to the Atlanta Braves and played a vital role in keeping both teams in Atlanta. In 2004 the franchise was again sold to a group of investors called Atlanta Sprint LLC. Under this new ownership the team still struggled until recently, however the squad has not been able to make a deep drive into the playoffs.

Atlanta Hawks Arena

The Hawks play their home games in Philips Arena, which was built in 1999 to replace the previous arena, The Omni. The new stadium was built to offer a home to a potential hockey team that Ted Turner wanted to bring to Atlanta. In addition to the Hawks, Philips Arena is also home to the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream and previously played host to the Thrashers of the NHL and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket’s football team.

The Hawks’ Fans Base

Without the support of the local Atlanta fans, Turner never would have been able to keep the franchise in Georgia for so long. With that said, fans can only tolerate a mediocre franchise for so many years and these fans definitely got that for a few decades. Now that the team appears to be in better waters, the fan support may be lagging behind a little. If the team can pull it together and make a long run in the playoffs then the fans should come around too.

NBA Hawks Coaching

The first year of the NBA the Hawks were led by famed coach Red Auerbach, who gave the franchise a promising start. Ed Macaulay and others picked up this energy before the team came to Atlanta and made the team a contender often in its early years. After the move to their current home, the team struggled until coach Hubie Brown took over. Under Brown the team won a division title, something that has only happened once since he left. Current coach Larry Drew has made playoff appearances with the team, but this may not be enough to keep job in Atlanta

NBA Atlanta Hawks Betting

The Atlanta Hawks have the second longest NBA Finals drought of any NBA team. The Hawks have not even made a finals appearance since 1961. It does not appear that this trend will change in the near future especially considering that the team often struggles just to be in the division race. With that said, any future bets on the hawks may have low odds, but they also should include a great payout if the team can get it together in any of the coming seasons. In addition the Hawks can a be a dangerous basketball team and a good NBA wager on any game to bet on.