If you think that basketball betting is just about the NBA, think again. Online, the world is racing from continent to continent in order to catch replays from basketball games in at least a dozen countries. When you include the Euroleague and FIBA European basketball, this turns a dozen into over 30 teams to bet on. Within the United States, there is NBA versus March Madness. Finally, every four years, the basketball played at the Olympics means that fans have another set of odds to win.

An understanding of variations of basketball betting is all you need to stay on top of all the best gambling opportunities.

Styles of basketball betting

In basketball betting, you can decide to switch over from the NBA to European basketball. Sadly, there can be some confusion in basketball betting depending on which part of the world you are dealing with. A good example of this is American money lines odds versus European decimal odds. In decimal odds, a +150 is 2.50 and -180 is -1.20.

For American money line odds, we associate a plus or minus number with betting. For Europeans, they have the same predictions, but they a different way to represent the math. On a rare occasion, you will also see fractional odds when you are searching for basketball betting for Europe. If you get confused, it is easy to find and money lines odds conversion calculator online.

Here is how the three types of odds look side by side:

-200 = 1.5 = 5/10

-134.67 = 1.75 = 3 /4

1,000 = 11.00 = 10/1

NBA basketball betting

The special thing to look for with NBA basketball betting is the championship games. If you are not from the United States, you might be confused by hearing the term “Playoffs”. Instead of having an official sounding name like Europe’s FIBA or Euroleague, the American leagues use the term NBA Playoffs instead. In spite of this, keep in mind that the NBA lockout delayed the 2011/2012 season. For this reason, betting dates can be different then what you expected.

Basketball betting for the NCAA

It can be confusing during the college NCAA basketball season to figure out where to place bets for March Madness. Part of this confusion is the tournament bracket competition from private companies outside of basketball or betting that host games. A good example is the Yahoo! Sports Tournament Bracket game. ESPN and Digiorno Pizza hold a similar game during the NCAA. However, these are not actual betting opportunities.

On online gambling websites that host basketball betting throughout the year, they have variations of bets you associate with other sports. Despite this, NCAA gambling websites also have the tournament bracket betting option like the game companies.

Euro basketball betting

Just like the United States, Europe has their own version of playoffs and final championship games to see which league dominates the continent. Euro basketball betting is also available to North Americans. The important thing to remember is to double-check the times. In addition to knowing which dates the games are played, you will also need to keep in mind that everything happens about eight hours earlier than it does in the United States. In other words, do not get excited about a particular game in Europe and then miss your opportunity to place the bet because you forget which time zone you are in.

Basketball betting for the Olympics

The 2012 to London Olympic Games are coming out and this means more opportunities for basketball betting. Although there is always the chance that the international Olympic committee will decide to not include basketball, but we do not need to worry about that this year. Just like other forms of basketball betting, you have the option to bet on which team will win or lose. The big difference with Olympic basketball betting is the wager offered for country with the most gold medals.

Over/under betting for the NBA

Simply put, any form of over/under betting can also be called “game totals betting”. This means that each match that you can bet on will already have a designated winner or loser. Before the game begins, if all of the bettors have decided a team will lose, they are called the underdog. Most of the time, a 50/50 straight bet means that you can only bet on which team will win. The nice part about over/under betting is that you can bet on two possible outcomes of one single game instead of a single outcome.

With online basketball betting, you go to your favorite wagering website and click on the over/under betting option. There, you will see which team that the basketball betting website has identified as the underdog. They will give you a set of odds and your next step is to decide whether or not you accept their odds. If you get confused, you can always rely on an online betting calculator to figure out if the odds are worth your time.

Easiest basketball betting strategy

If you do not like the odds at a certain website, you are not alone. This is the reason that so many other basketball betting fans have more than one online account. If they do not like the odds for over/under betting at one website, they simply move on to their other wagering accounts. Due to the ease of setting up a $20 betting account online with a credit card over your mobile phone, this style of basketball betting is likely to continue to be a growing trend.