Boston Celtics History

The Celtics are one of the most history rich franchises in the NBA. The large Irish-American population in Boston is the reason the team was named the Celtics in 1946 when the franchise was founded. The Celtics experience several periods of dominance in their long history. During the first period, led by Bill Russell, Boston claimed eleven of thirteen champion ships, including eight straight titles. The coach at the time was famed coach Red Auerbach. After coaching Auerbach became the general manager of the Celtics where he crafted several more championship teams. He was responsible for the combination of the first “big three” of Bird, McHale and Parish. This team won several more championships and was competitive nearly every year. This continued until the team aged and Bird ran into injury problems. The Celtics ironically suffered some bad luck in the coming years including the deaths of two probable stars in Len Bias, and Reggie Lewis. The team did not reemerge to the forefront until the new “big three” of Allen, Garnett, and Pierce was assembled in 2007. That team won the championship in 2008 and restored glory to the city of Boston. All in all the Celtics won a league leading seventeen championships in its history.

Boston Celtics Ownership

The Celtics were first created by the Boston Garden-Arena Corporation president Walter Brown. The Boston franchise has changed hands a total of fifteen times over the years and has been owned by some interesting people including John Y. Brown Jr, owner of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The Celtics are currently owned by a group of Boston investors called Boston Basketball Partners L.L.C.

Boston Celtics Arena

The Celtics play their home games in the TD Garden. They share the arena with the Boston Bruins hockey team. Scheduling the arena can be difficult since both sports are played at the same time of the year. The TD Garden has known many names in a brief period of time including TD Banknorth Garden, the Fleet Center, and the Shawmut Center.

Boston Celtics Fan Base

Celtics fans are known as some of the most passionate fans in the NBA. They show this passion by filling TD Garden on a consistent basis. They are also known as one of the hardest fan bases to please. Past Celtic success may have set current expectations too high for today’s fans. Regardless, the rich tradition of the Celtics has given them some of the most diehard fans in the NBA.

Boston Celtics Coaching

The Celtics were a disappointing franchise until Red Auerbach took over as the head coach in 1950. Under his guidance the team flourished. Even after Auerbach left coaching for other roles within the franchise the team succeeded. Succeeding Auerbach was player-coach Bill Russell who was the first African-American coach in any U.S. professional sport. The move was done partially to keep Russell form retiring as a player. Current coach Doc Rivers has been faced with the difficult task of deciding how much to play his aging stars. He often exceeds expectations by getting the most from these older superstars.

Boston Celtics

The Celtics are coming off a fairly successful year after losing to Miami in the Eastern Conference Finals. Boston made it farther in the playoffs than many expected, however this was partially due to the injuries suffered by Chicago. The Celtics suffered from an aging group of core players that can be exploited by more athletic teams. The trip to the Eastern Conference Finals proved that players like Pierce and Garnett still have enough in the tank to make deep playoff runs. These players used to be the catalysts of the team, however a new star has taken over the team. The success of the team now rests on point guard Rajon Rondo’s shoulders. His ability to pass the ball and get all his teammates involved in the game makes him the most important player on the court. If the Celtics want to succeed in the near future then they must rely on Rondo. Even with the loss of Ray Allen expect Boston to be a dangerous team in the playoffs next year.