Charlotte Bobcats History

After the Hornets left for New Orleans, the fans of Charlotte pleaded for an NBA franchise. These prayers were answered in 2004 when the Charlotte Bobcats were created as an expansion franchise. With their first overall pick in 2004 the Bobcats selected Emeka Okafor, who went on to win rookie of the year for the team. As with many young franchises the Bobcats have struggled in their first years. They have only made the playoffs once so far and did not win a single game in that series. In the 2011-2012 season the Bobcats unfortunately set the record for lowest winning percentage in a season, however due to the lockout shortened season they did not achieve the most losses. In 2012 the New Orleans Hornets changed their name to the Pelicans to reflect their new location. Many Charlotte fans would love to see their team name changed back to the Hornets, while some others want the Bobcats to reflect a fresh start.

Charlotte Bobcats Ownership

Robert Johnson was the original owner of the Bobcats, which made him the first African-American majority owner in the NBA. In 2010 Johnson sold the franchise to Michael Jordan in turn making him the first former NBA player to own a franchise. Jordan only bought the franchise after Abe Pollian did not allow him to repurchase any part of the Wizards. Since Jordan is such a big name he is probably the most scrutinized owner in the NBA or possibly all of major sports. Before becoming owner of the Bobcats Jordan was the Wizards president of basketball operations. In both roles Jordan proved he might not be suited to be making basketball decisions about players. With both teams he has made several questionable personnel decisions that have earned him a poor reputation.

Charlotte Bobcats Arena

The Bobcats play their home games at the Time Warner Cable Arena, previously the Charlotte Bobcats Arena. When referendum for the stadium first came to voters it was actually for the Charlotte Hornets, but since the previous stadium was only thirteen years old at the time the referendum was rejected. After the Hornets skipped town the city found a way to build the stadium, for the team promised to them by the NBA, without the citizen’s approval. Like all NBA arenas this stadium is used for many other events like concerts and the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Charlotte Bobcats Fan Base

Charlotte fans have yet to fully get behind this relatively young franchise. This is evident from their low attendance numbers and general lack of enthusiasm. The poor support is understandable since the team has not had much success at all. Also some of the fans may still support the Hornets’ franchise that has not been out of the city for too long. If Jordan and supports decide to return the Hornets name to the city, and if the team can improve their play, fan support should return to the franchise.

Charlotte Bobcats Coaching

Of the few coaches that have coached for the Bobcats only Larry Brown was able to get the team to a winning record and into the playoffs. Current coach Mike Dunlap took over the job before the 2012 season, but he has a tough road ahead of him to help turn this franchise around or just keep his job. No matter what Dunlap is able to do it will likely be an improvement on the abysmal season the team had before he took over. Bobcats’ fans hope that Dunlap can instill his high intensity into the young group of players in Charlotte.

Charlotte Bobcats Betting

The Bobcats have not made it to the NBA Finals or Eastern Conference Finals in franchise history and it appears that this trend will end soon. While the team does have some potential, they are a developmental project still in need of more pieces even if their young players develop as expected. With the Miami Heat in the division do not expect the Bobcats to sit atop the division with LeBron James on the Heat, even if the Bobcats do make great improvements. Expect the team to be heavy underdogs in most games, offering high payouts to those who can accurately predict when the team can pick up its wins.