Cleveland Cavaliers History

Based out of Cleveland, Ohio, the Cleveland Cavaliers have a good track record of being part of the NBA. Also known as the Cavs, they started out in the NBA in 1970 as part of an expansion project. At that time, the owner was Nick Mileti. The team name was actually chosen through a competition, and the Cavaliers won; good thing too, it beat out Jays, Foresters, and Presidents. In the early years, 1970-1980, the Cavaliers gradually improved their performance, since they would add players season by season. They managed to end three seasons in a row with winning records, but they were still weak when it came to playoff games. When the head coach, Bill Fitch, resigned and left the position to Stan Albeck, problems started arising with management. Ted Stepien bought the Cavaliers in 1980, and he made poor decisions since he arrived. He was in charge of hiring and firing of coaches and players, and with that he made very poor choices. Stepien is famous for his blunders, as there is a rule known as the “Ted Stepien Rule”; teams cannot trade away first-round picks in consecutive years. The Cavaliers had a rough time all the way up to 2003, until they got the Rookie of the Year LeBron James. Once he left for Miami Heat in 2010, the team has been struggling to gain a foothold once again.

Cleveland Cavaliers Game Changers

It was known as the Bill Fitch era, with him as head coach and his dream team; he managed to get the Cavaliers into a very good position, both on the court and off. The Cavs dream team consisted of Bingo Smith, Jim Chones, Jim Cleamons, and Dick Snyder; later on Nate Thurmond was added to the roster which gave this team its last bump into success. Once Fitch left, the team completely changed, in part to his successors, but also the poor management choices by the owner.

Even though LeBron James did leave the Cavs after he promised to stay until they won a championship title, he was still a very big game changer. He is considered the best NBA player of the moment, which is what helped the Cavs become great during his time on the team. It is also, in part, the Cavs fault for not investing in a stronger all-around team, and trying to put all the pressure on one man.
It looks like the Cavs may be getting a little more help for their team with the 2011 first round pick, Kyrie Irving. He was awarded the 2012 Rookie of the Year award, just like James had won his first year with the Cavs. It may be a simple projection, but Irving may have what it takes to get the Cavs back on top.

Cleveland Cavaliers Arena

The Cavaliers currently play in the Quicken Loans Arena, which is also known as The Q for those is living near the arena. It was not always named like that. Before 2005, it was named after a previous Cavalier owner, Gordon Gund, by the name of Gund Arena.

Cleveland Cavaliers Owners
The Cavaliers suffered greatly starting out due to the poor decisions that a previous owner, Ted Stepien. He even threatened to take the Cavs to Canada, but it was the current majority owners, Dan and Gary Gilbert that bought the team from Stepien, essentially saving the franchise in Cleveland.

Cleveland Cavaliers Coaching

Coaching has always been an issue with the Cavs, as they have had a fast turn-around of coaches in the past. Byron Scott is the current head coach of the Cavs, and he has a lot of experience coaching, and playing basketball. This can give the fans and management some assurance that the coach is competent.

Betting on the Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavaliers do not have an overall strong team, they have a few key players that stand out and make it possible for the team to win games. They have a regular starting lineup, with only two players really standing out; their bench needs a lot of help as well. Recent first round pick, Kyrie Irving has the skills and talent necessary to become the next LeBron James of the team. The other player has had experience playing the Cavs and has done a good job, Anderson Varejao. Last season the Cavs had a record of 21-45 and ranked 29 overall. This is not a strong team in any sense of the word. The Cavs need to draft or trade for better all-around players to strengthen the team-play, then they can focus on making it to the playoffs and winning championships.