Dallas Mavericks Basketball History

In 1980 the NBA owners approved a new basketball team to be stationed in Dallas Texas, replacing the old ABA Dallas Chaparrals that fled the city several years ago. The team name was voted on by the fans and comes from the old TV western Maverick. After only a few years the Dallas franchise became a perennial playoff team, however the team did not go very deep into the payoffs when they got there. During the 90s the Mavericks failed to make the playoffs even once in a decade plagued by injuries and off the field issues. This led to the sale of the team to prominent owner Mark Cuban in 2000. The franchise turned it around after the sale of the team and acquisition of star forward Dirk Nowitzki. With Dirk the Mavs were a force in the West and even won the franchise’s first NBA Finals in 2011. Dallas has been one of the most consistent teams in the NBA over the past decade en route to being one of the most valuable NBA franchises.

Mavericks’ Ownership in the NBA

Mavs owner Mark Cuban is the most vocal and visible owner throughout the NBA. Cuban always sits by the bench with his team and does not hesitate to tell an official of player what he thinks of them. Some of his comments tend to come of negatively and as a result Cuban has been fined 13 times by the NBA for a total of over $1.6 million. While some players and fans may feel that an NBA owner should be more reserved than Cuban, it is obviously that he truly cares about his team, and not simply its bottom line.

Basketball Arena for the NBA Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks currently play their NBA home games in the American Airlines Arena, however this is not their first home as they previously played in Moody Coliseum and Reunion Arena, both located in Dallas. In addition to the Mavs, American Airlines Arena also plays host to the NHL’s Dallas Stars.

Fan Base for the Dallas Mavericks

Despite having three NBA franchises in the state of Texas, the Dallas Mavericks still manage to fill American Airlines Arena on a consistent basis. In fact, the Mavs are annually near the top of the league in attendance numbers. This may be due to the consistent success the team has had since Cuban has taken over the franchise. Some people may come just to watch Cuban himself who dresses like a casual fan and has the potential to be entertaining on any given night to say the least.

Dallas Basketball Coaching

The Mavs’ franchise is a little over three decades old, but the team has already gone through its fair share of coaches. During the 90’s when the basketball team was struggling, coaches were rotated often, sometimes yearly, in an effort to find a winning formula. Recent coaches have benefited from much more success and longer tenures. Coach Avery Johnson ran the team for a stint in the 2000s and was the first coach to take the team to the NBA Finals. Johnson even won NBA coach of the year with the Mavs the year they lost in the Finals. His replacement, Rick Carlisle, was able to pick up where Johnson left off and won an NBA Finals in 2011.

NBA Dallas Mavericks Betting

Betting on the Mavs in the NBA can be tricky despite how successful the franchise has been over the past decade. The team tends to be inconsistent in the playoffs and has a knack for getting upset in the early rounds. As the team moves forward it will continue to be led by all-star Dirk Nowitzki, but as he ages he may lose some of the tools he had during his MVP caliber years. But until that happens the Mavericks figure to be perennial contenders for at least the division. It may be difficult for the Mavs to steal a title now with the Spurs playing so well over the past few seasons and the up-and-coming Grizzlies improving yearly. Even if this team does not win its conference or even its division it is always an enticing choice in any game-by-game wagers.