Detroit Pistons History

The Detroit Pistons are a franchise in the NBA located in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The team was originally established in Fort Wayne, Indiana when it was founded in 1941. The team used to be called the Fort Wayne (Zollner) Pistons, and was actually part of the National Basketball League before joining the NBA in 1948. It was in 1957 that the Pistons moved to Detroit under the ownership of Fred Zollner and sister, Janet Zollner. They owned a foundry that manufactured pistons, thus the name of the team. After the move in 1957, they struggled for many years as they had strong individual players but lacked team play. The team began to make a turnaround in 1981 when they acquired several key players that would take the team to the top of the league. The famous coach, Chuck Daly took control of the team and led them to win the championship title two years in a row; 1989 and 1990. It was in 1990 that the team drafted Grant Hill, but made mistakes with personnel which cost them. It was in 2004 where they won their third championship title. They continued to struggle with acquiring players and winning games, but from 2008 they have been building up their team back up.

Detroit Pistons Game Changers

Without a doubt, the Chuck Daly, although a coach and not a player changed the way the Pistons played and got them two consecutive championship titles. This man has influenced many in the NBA, and his loss to the team had a great impact.

Several players that the Pistons have drafted over time have gone on to becoming great icons of the NBA. Some of the players that the Pistons helped mold were Dennis Rodman and Grant Hill which have led great basketball careers.

The Pistons currently have a solid team on which to rely on, especially a great trio that have started to play recently. It all started with the draft of Rodney Stuckey, then Jonas Jerebko, and finally in 2011, Brandon Knight was added to the roster.

Detroit Pistons Arena

Ever since the Pistons moved from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Auburn Hills, Michigan, they have been playing at the Palace of Auburn Hills, which was initially created for the American football team, Detroit Lions.

Detroit Pistons Owners

There was an ownership change happen not long ago, in April of 2011, when the Pistons came to an agreement to sell the franchise to Tom Gores. Gores is a billionaire that made his money with his private equity firm, Platinum Equity.

Detroit Pistons Coaching

Lawrence Frank was the head for the New Jersey Nets from 2003 – 2010, and then he made the move over to the Pistons in 2011. He is part of the team rebuilding phase that the Pistons are undergoing to improve their NBA standing.

Betting on the Detroit Pistons

Even though the Pistons had a record of 25-41 last season and are currently ranked 24 overall in the NBA, they have been doing a very good job at acquiring and retaining players with potential. As mentioned before, they have a great trio going on with Rodney Stuckey, Jonas Jerebko, and Brandon Knight. However, this isn’t where the Pistons draw the line. They have just drafted, first-round pick, Andre Drummond onto their team. Each of these four players, apply their knowledge and skill in different areas, complementing each other. This is a smart move by the Pistons, instead of drafting players that already have a position filled; they filled the positions that were left open. With such a huge gap between the Pistons and the higher ranking teams, they have a low chance of getting to the playoffs and winning a championship; this coming season at least. The Pistons have been making very smart calls on their drafting, and that will eventually pay off for them.