When you are looking for European basketball information, it is not uncommon to come across the term Euro Basket. Those familiar with the NBA can easily group and visually conceptualize what makes up the individual pieces of American basketball championship tournaments. However, there is a mental block associated with identifying exactly what the Euro Basket is, what it means worldwide, and who is a part of it. With a basic description of the Euro Basket, you will be able to easily follow news headlines, games, and be able to place bets.

History of Euro Basket

Understanding what the Euro Basket is means reviewing thoroughly who they are. Starting in 1935, a championship was held as often as possible for several weeks throughout Europe. Although World War II interrupted what began in 1935, they were back on track and having regular championships starting in 1947.

Today, the Euro Basket is not the same as basketball events at the Olympics, but final world championships do occur at the same time as the Olympics. This is due to the fact that the Olympics has the choice to drop or add the basketball event at their leisure.

World Championship Euro Basket

Currently, you will see the Euro Basket championship called the FIBA European Basketball Championship in its fullest form. FIBA stands for the “International Basketball Association”. It is part of the international basketball federation just like other continents. The reigning Euro Basket champion from 2009 and 2011 is the country of Spain. The next Euro Basket will take place in 2013.

While they are representing international basketball, the Euro Basket is specifically for Europe. Overall, 200 national federations comprise FIBA worldwide. To keep everyone organized, in 1989 they divided these nations into five zones (such as Europe and Africa). Of course, this means that there is more than the Euro Basket. When the 24 teams from all corners of the world combine, they compete to win the FIBA World Championship. The last World Championship for FIBA was in 2010 and the next one will concur with the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Fluctuating number of Euro Basket teams

The exciting part about the Euro Basket is the series of games and the opportunities for statistics from each one. This means that there is a tournament of 16 to 24 top ranking basketball teams to compete for number one. In the case of the Euro Basket 2013, there are 24 teams. However, before Euro Basket 2006, they only allowed 16.

Another deviation is that the teams selected for the Euro Basketball are on invitation. This means that being a top-ranking basketball team does not guarantee your admittance for the Euro Cup title. This is similar to the selection process for the Basketball Olympics. In general, the host nation will select eight teams and the other top seven are high-ranking teams selected from the previous Euro Basketball.

How the Euro Basket tournament works

The way that a champion is decided from 16 to 24 teams is determined by the “round-robin” style of elimination. This means that there are groups comprised of six teams that will need to play each other to determine the top four teams out of six teams. This pattern is repeated until the final round when a winning team emerges.

For tied games, there are four interesting patterns of determining the winner. These include averaging game results and goal averages. Finally, if no winner is determined, they will draw lots (or flip a coin).

Understanding the Euro Basket is profitable

If all of the details associated with the Euro basket sound confusing, consider how knowing about them can put a lot of cash in your pocket. By keeping up with all of the twists and turns, you can start to place bets that turn being a fan into pocketing money. As you will see, there is the standard system of placing a wager at a bet shop or casino. Sadly, these offline options give you only a fraction of the bets that are available per game. The only way to ensure that you have the most betting opportunities possible is to set up an online wagering account.

The reason why this works so well is due to two factors. First of all, Euro Basket betting is ideal online or with a mobile phone since there are more bets available while the game is actually being played. This is referred to as “in-play” betting and it is a great way to win additional bets (besides just win or lose). For example, you can bet on which team will make the first goal or first foul.

The second winning component online is having more than one account. This way, if you do not like the odds at one NBA betting site, you can place your money on the same game elsewhere. The other advantages to wagering the Euro Basket online is having access to statistics, news, and live streaming video on select websites.

Of course, learning about the Euro Basketball to win big is not finished with this article – but you are certainly off to a good start. For other information about the Euro Basket and/or betting, consult our list of related topics.