How to Wager that First the NBA Month

It is the initial month of the regular NBA season. You, like the players, have gone through the preseason and now the real games are ready to start. This is a new season for NBA players, coaches and teams and for you too. Here are some tips to help get you through that first month.

Limit Wagering

You should limit your wagering to single unit bets. You’re really finding your footing at this point, and you want to slowly ease into the season. Take your time as you’re now actively monitoring each team in actual game situations.

Don’t Make Rash Judgments

Some teams that you expected to perform well may do poorly in the first NBA month, while others that you expected would do poorly may excel. Don’t make rash judgments about either. Look for teams that are able to make adjustments. These teams will usually eventually come through. Some good players will have a bit of rust on them. This should work itself out over time. The season is in no way over after the first month.

Gauge Player Attitudes Towards New Coaches

A new coach can be a big winner or a major loser. A lot of this has to do with his rapport with the team and how much they’re willing to buy into his method of doing things. If a coach is respected by his players, he can do some fine work with them and get them to a new level.

NBA Rookies

How are those new players holding up and are any of them really going to make a difference in terms of wins this season? The first month is a good time for monitoring how well the new guys are handling the intense play and the intense spotlight of the NBA.

Analyze Your Process

Most importantly, you need to take some time and objectively analyze what you’re doing in terms of sports betting. What are your strong points and where do you need to improve? You certainly have kinks to work out and this is the perfect time to do this.

The Process of Sports Betting

Sports betting is a process that takes time to learn. If you’re new to it, you’re going to probably lose more than win in the first month. With a decent bankroll, conservative wagering and the desire to learn, you should improve as time goes on.