NBA Sports Betting and Five Essentials

Use these Five Elements to Make Sound Wagers and Cash with the NBA

When all is said and done sports betting comes down to one thing—picking winners at least 60% of the time. If you can do that, you will win money. Here are five essentials that will go a long way to ensuring that you make money when betting on NBA games.


Stay in the NBA Game

Read and watch everything you can about the league, players and teams each and every day of the year. Take nothing for granted and always be ready to analyze new data. Trades, the draft, injuries, free agent signings and more are all important. When it comes down to it, in sports betting knowledge is power. Do not get lazy or complacent.

Do not Play Hunches – NBA

Sometimes you are going to have to go with your gut after you have done your analysis. That is fine to do on games that are too close to call. But do not make any bets purely on hunches or you’ll hunch yourself out of the game. Sports betting is based on facts, stats and analysis. This is not a guessing game.

Be Conservative in NBA Wagering

Break your bankroll down into units. Often units of $11 work well since that is usually the minimum on a point spread bet, and it is easy to convert that amount into a $110 or $220 wager. Thus, if you have a bankroll of $902, you would have 82 units. In betting, never wager more than 5% of your bank on one bet. With our $902 bank, that would be 4.1 units or $45.10. By the way, you may always wager less than 5%. Always follow the 5% rule, it will give you many more wagers, and that increases your chances of winning.

Slowly Build Your Profits with betting on NBA

Do not get greedy or cocky. Sometimes sports bettors who have a lot of success start trying to push the limits with all or nothing bets only to lose all and have nothing. This is a bad idea. As is the idea of trying to make up for loses by using the Martingale System that has gamblers doubling their wagers after a loss.

Play NBA Bets that Offer Best Odds of Winning

Point spreads, moneylines and over/unders give you the best chance of winning. Parlays, futures, and props are all very hard to hit. Play these at your own risk. Any bet that involves more than two choices greatly increases the likelihood of failure. Yes, the 10-team parlay that pays 642-1 looks so enticing, and it is almost impossible to hit. Also, do not play multi-sport parlays. These are true betting traps.

Your NBA Sports Betting Foundation

Use the five sports betting essentials above as the foundation for your approach to this endeavor. It will help keep you on track during what is a very long, interesting and unpredictable NBA season.