Golden State Warriors History

Before these warriors made the trip to the Golden State they played their home games in Pennsylvania. The team was known as the Philadelphia Warriors until 1962 when the team moved to California. Even though the team moved it was not to their current home in Oakland; rather the team settled across the bay in San Francisco. In 1971 the team again renamed themselves to the Golden State Warriors and even though the team played in a few different home stadiums in the bay area, none were played in San Francisco. The Warriors were a member of the BAA in the league’s inaugural season and won the first championship. When the BAA and NBL merged to form the NBA the Warriors came along and were one of the original NBA teams. After the team’s first championship, the Warriors proceeded to win two more in the 1956-1957 and 1974-1975 seasons. Despite only 3 championships, the Warriors have a history as rich as franchises such as the Lakers and Celtics. In 1962 all-star Wilt Chamberlin scored a still NBA record 100 points, making one of the greatest moments in NBA history. Other Hall of fame players include legends like Rick Berry, Chris Mullin, Robert Perish and many others. In total, the Warriors have thirteen total hall of fame players. While this franchise saw huge amounts of success early, with frequent trips deep into the playoffs, recent teams have not been as good. Since 1994 the team has only made the playoffs a single time with many very poor seasons during that stretch. Recently, rumors have circulated about a possible move of the franchise back across the bay to San Francisco, possibly to restore some of the team’s past greatness.

Golden State Warriors Ownership

Eddie Gottlieb became one of the team’s first owners when he decided that just coaching the team was not enough. Gottlieb was inducted into the hall of fame for the quick start he gave this franchise and for helping them win their first championship. Current owners Peter Guber and Joe Lacob bought the team in 2010 and may be considering moving the franchise as previously stated. While the team may be making a move soon, it appears unlikely that the sale of the team would be involved in a move.

Golden State Warriors Arena

Ever since the Warriors made the move to Oakland, the team has played its home games in Oracle Arena. The venue was built in 1966 and has been used ever since, making it the oldest NBA arena still in use. “The O” has been used for so long mostly because it is so large and capable of seating a huge amount of fans. This arena can hold nearly 20,000 Warrior fans, which makes it the largest arena in terms of seating capacity in the NBA. In many instances professional sports franchises are forced to relocate due to their needs for a larger or newer stadium, but the Oracle Arena has kept Golden State in Oakland for a long time.

Golden State Warriors Fan Base

Despite several losing seasons by the Warrior’s franchise, its fans still turn out consistently to see their team play. While overall records tend to be towards the bottom of the NBA the attendance numbers are much higher, indicating that these fans love their team no matter what. Even as some of the team’s iconic players get shipped away, the Warrior fan’s faith does not waiver in their home team.

Golden State Warriors Coaching

Golden State has had some great coaches throughout the franchises long history, however none may be as popular as coach Don Nelson. Nelson had two stints with the Warriors from 1988-1995 and from 2006-2010. Nelson was the coach of the team during its past five playoff appearances. He was inducted to the basketball hall of fame for coaching in 2012 and is the only Warrior coach inducted into the hall since Gottlieb.

Golden State Warriors Betting

As a member of the Pacific division in the Western Conference, Golden State faces a tough road to the playoffs. With teams like the Lakers and Clippers in the division it seems unlikely that the Warriors will break their three decade long drought from the playoffs any time soon. With that said an NBA Finals appears seems even more outlandish. Warriors teams of late have suffered from injuries to key players so despite some poor records we have yet to see what a healthy Golden State team can do. The Warriors are a fairly young team, indicating that if management can hold on to some of these players in the long term, future teams may have the ability to return the franchise to winning times. Regardless of the Warriors doing well or not, they are a team for Betting on the NBA, whether it is for winning or losing, as well as going over the over or staying under the under, within other NBA bets.