Houston Rockets History

The Houston Rockets joined the NBA as an expansion franchise in 1967 but not in their current city. The Rockets first started in San Diego where the team was named after the local booster rocket program. Even though the team did fairly well for a new expansion team, attendance numbers were low and the team was sold and moved to Houston. After the team moved to Houston many great players have graced the court. Hall of famers like Moses Malone, Clyde Drexler, Charles Barkley, and Hakeem Olajuwon all suited up in Rockets jerseys. With the combo of Drexler and Olajuwon the Rockets won two NBA Finals in ’94 and ’95. More recently players like Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady led the Rockets however injuries limited these teams and they were not able to go deep into the NBA playoffs. The most recently acquired point guard Jeremy Lin through free agency and traded for Olympic gold medalist James Harden.

Houston Rockets’ Ownership

The Rockets Franchise has traded hands very frequently over the years, some owners reselling the franchise after just a few seasons. With all this change in ownership it is surprising that the franchise has lasted so long in the city of Houston. Current owner Leslie Alexander has broken this trend however. Alexander has owned the Rockets since 1993, holding on to the team much longer than anyone else before him. Forbes named Alexander NBA owner of the year in 2008 due to the talent he assembled.

Basketball Arena in Houston

When the Rockets first moved to Dallas they did not even have a home arena. Instead, they played their home games in many different Dallas locations and even some throughout Texas. Attendance was poor in those days and the team needed a true home arena. The team found that home when The Summit was built two years later and more recently moved to the Toyota Center in 2003. This arena can hold up to 18,500 fans for a sold-out Rockets game.

NBA Fan Base for the Houston Rockets

The Rockets fan base is very similar to most other NBA franchises where when the team does well and when the team suffers, so does attendance. One notable difference between this fan base is the distinct support from Asian and specifically Chinese fans as of late. This is likely due to both the presence of all-star center Yao Ming for several years and the acquisition of guard Jeremy Lin. Both players helped to bring the Rockets to the forefront to many people who like seeing Chinese players succeed.

NBA Rockets’ Coaching

Since the Rockets franchise cycled through its owners rather quickly it makes sense that the coaches would not be much different. That does not mean that the Rockets did not have some great coaches throughout the team’s history. Great coaches like Alex Hannum, Bill Fitch, and Rudy Tomjanovich all led teams in Houston with Tomjanovich being the one to lead them to two championships. Kevin McHale took the job in 2011. While McHale did not have much success as the head coach previously, Alexander and Rockets fans have faith that he can get the job done this time.

Houston Rockets NBA Betting

The Houston Rockets have been a tough team to project and therefore to bet on. The team is not far removed from their historic twenty-two straight wins from 2008, but also not far from season of mediocrity that they have had more recently. It seems fairly unlikely that the Rockets would win the Finals or the Conference Finals this year since the team is so young and lacks a true superstar. However, these young players mean that there is a great potential for improvement. With that said the Rockets might be a team to look at down the road after these players have a chance to jell together and mature. Even a division title seems like a stretch in a division with the Spurs and the Mavs, but this could change in the future too. Regardless young players like the ones they have always have a chance to go off on any night on a game-to-game basis.