Los Angeles Clippers History

This franchise began life in 1970 as an expansion team and member of the NBA as the Braves, located in Buffalo, New York. After eight years the mediocre team moved to San Diego California, where the team changed the name from the Braves to the Clippers to reflect the city’s sailing history. In San Diego the Clippers were able to get some quality players like World B. Free and Bill Walton however injuries led to poor records. This led to a lack of fan support, which caused the team to be sold to a Los Angeles real-estate developer. Three years after the sale, the team was moved to the new owner’s hometown. While the team had some good years in LA, struggling was a dominant theme as the franchise was mostly overshadowed by the hometown favorite Lakers. Recently, players like Chris Paul and Blake Griffin have pulled the team out of that shadow and into the forefront.

The Clippers’ Ownership

In 1981 the Clippers’ Franchise was sold to Donald Sterling who made his fortune in real estate. Sterling is the biggest reason that the team relocated to LA a few years after the sale. Under Sterling’s ownership the franchise has struggled. Many people feel that he was too stingy with his payroll and did not give his team a chance to succeed. In addition he tends to have a short lease with his coaches and often cycles through them quickly. Recently, Sterling has defied these trends as he has paid players more and kept coaches longer. This system has been rewarded with some of his most successful teams as an owner.

Basketball Clippers’ Arena

In addition to the Clippers the Staples Center also plays host to the Lakers and the NHL’s Kings. With all these teams sharing an arena, scheduling can prove difficult, especially during the NBA basketball playoffs. While previous Clipper teams often had trouble filling the Staples Center, attendance numbers have been rising recently while the team gets closer to challenging the Lakers for hometown favorite.

Fan Base for the Los Angeles Clippers

With the years of struggling and the powerhouse Lakers in town, Clippers fans have no always been abundant. In fact Sterling often had to contemplate selling the team due to poor fan turnout. Recent teams have increased fan support both in the city of Los Angeles and across the country. The Clippers high flying style of play, often called lob city, has gained many national fans and should promote future investment in the team.

Clippers’ Coaching in the NBA

Since the franchise has gone through many losing seasons it is no surprise that it has also cycled through its fair share of coaches too. In fact, since the team was bought by Sterling, only one coach has made it more than five seasons with the team, with many more coaches being dismissed far earlier. Current coach Vinny Del Negro may help break this trend as well since he already has a few winning seasons and a promising future with a young NBA team.

NBA Los Angeles Clippers Betting

Historically, betting on the Clippers is not a good idea; however, all tendencies must come to an end and now might be the end of this one. Many of the basketball teams in the Clippers division appear to be in the rebuilding process. While the Lakers will likely be the yearly favorite to claim the division, the Clippers appear to be the only viable challenger. While it seems unlikely that the Clippers will be able to claim an NBA title in the near future, much crazier things have happened in the NBA and anything is possible with a young team of great athletes. With that said the Clips are a dangerous team in any game and always liable to ally-oop their way to a win.