Key Sports Betting Strategies that can Make You a Winner

Each team in the NBA plays a total of 82 games over the course of about six months. When it comes to sports betting the league, which has 30 teams, offers ample opportunity for wagering as just about every day of the week has something happening. Here are four key strategies that can result in your posting winning numbers.

The Long and Winding Road

All teams in the league have to endure long road trips that can sometimes last up to two weeks. The East has to go to the West and the West to the East. Often those road clubs have just one day’s rest between games.

When sports betting on professional basketball pay close attention to teams that have long road trips. This is essential. If they are travelling, analyze the health and depth of the club. During a grueling road trip, all clubs start to show their weaknesses.

As an example, let’s say an East Coast team is in the middle of an eight-game swing along the West Coast. Normally their defense is stellar but their best defensive player seems to be dragging when on the court. They’ve played some of the lesser offensive teams and struggled as those clubs have pushed the over/under into the over realm each time. Now they’re going to play one of the best clubs in the West, and the team has an aggressive and effective offense. Chances are you’re betting on the home team.

Home and Away Records

However, before placing your bet make sure that you check the visiting team’s away record and the home team’s record when they are in the comfortable confines of their court surrounded by fans, cheerleaders and all the creature comforts they call their own.

Home court advantage is huge in the NBA and it can really affect your sports betting choices. However, if the incoming team has one of the best road records in the league where they win 60% or more of their away games, then consider betting on them.

Here’s an important fact to remember when it comes to road records. Of the 30 NBA teams, usually somewhere around 10 to 12 post winning road marks and only about six of those clubs win more than 60% of those games. At the end of the season, a team with a 60% road mark would be 25-16. That’s nine more wins than loses. Look for those teams. They are often good road bets.

Track the Spread

Be sure to check how the away and home teams are doing against the spread overall and while on the road. This is very important. Often the road club is given points and even if they have a losing road record, their record with the spread may be perfect. However, you’ll have to compare this to their opponent’s record against the spread.

This is very important when it comes to making a sound sports betting choice. Consider this—a visiting team that has a 54% road-win mark has a 70% grade with the spread. The home club is at 68% without the spread but their home record versus the spread is at 50%. Based on these stats alone, the away team looks good.

Track Past Meetings

Have these two teams played each other already? If so, how did they do and, just an important, what was the situation and has it changed in any way? If the team you’re considering got blown out the last time these two clubs met but they were minus their best player and now have him back, you could be looking at a very different game and outcome.

Look for Deals

Finally, look for sports betting deals. In order to do so, you should scour the sportsbooks for point spreads that are to your advantage. If you can pick up one to three points on a visiting team, that may just tip the scale towards your betting on them. The NBA season is not only long but it is clogged with games and that means that handicappers can get lax. If you know your stats, matchups and the present situation regarding each team, you can end up finding some good deals that will put you over the top.