Milwaukee Bucks History

The Milwaukee Bucks started out in the NBA in 1968, along with their 8-point Buck mascot. In their early history, they were able to get a Hall of Fame player, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, previously known as Alcindor before he converted to Islam, on their lineup. He completely dominated on the floor, and spun the losing record 180 degrees into a winning record in 1970. He later went on to join the Los Angeles Lakers in 1975, leaving the Bucks to fend for themselves. It wasn’t such a bit impact as the Bucks got a new head coach, Don Nelson. Under his guidance he was able to keep the Milwaukee team on the winning side of the NBA; where they won 6 straight division titles and had a .500 record for 11 years. This new found fame and fortune lasted until Don Nelson left, and the Bucks were left with a long line of mediocre coaches. Ray Allen was able to help turn the Bucks back into the right direction, but once he left, the team was left once again struggling. From 2009, they have been improving slowly.
The Milwaukee Bucks have won a championship title in 1971; along with 2 conference titles and 13 division titles since it was founded.

Milwaukee Bucks Game Changers

The Hall of Famer and NBA all-time leading scorer, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar made quite an impact while playing for the Bucks. He essentially put the team on the map. Another great player was Ray Allen.

Despite not having an all-star team at his disposal, former Bucks coach Don Nelson certainly made the most with what he had. Leaving the team with an amazing winning streak, that would sadly be ruined by future coaches.

With the recent trade that the Bucks made with the Golden State Warriors, they managed to get two very good players, Monta Ellis and Ekpe Udoh. Along with their 2009 first-round pick, Brandon Jennings, the Bucks have started to build a solid team.

Milwaukee Bucks Arena

The Bucks, when they were founded, started playing at the Milwaukee Arena and remained there until 1988. They have been playing at the Bradley Center ever since.

Milwaukee Bucks Owners

The Milwaukee Bucks owner is certainly a famous one. Herb Kohl is a United States Senator from Wisconsin, but that isn’t all that he is; he is also a businessman. He bought the team in 1985 when he thought that foreign investors would buy the team and move the team out of Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Bucks Coaching

Former Milwaukee Bucks player, from 1986 to 1987, Scott Skiles became the team’s head coach in 2008. He has played in various different pro basketball teams like the Indiana Pacers, Orlando Magic, and the Philadelphia 76ers. He also has experience in coaching the Phoenix Suns and the Chicago Bulls.

Betting on the Milwaukee Bucks

It has been a long time since the Bucks have won a championship title. They can attribute that to the fact that, even though they do not do poorly during the regular season, they do not exceed expectations. They remain an average team, with average records, and these kinds of teams rarely make it to the playoffs. The new Milwaukee Bucks players, Monta Ellis and Ekpe Udoh, along with Brandon Jennings, are slowly improving the team. Milwaukee has done a good job at trading and drafting their picks, like with shooting guard Doron Lamb at the 2012 draft. As stated before, they are an average team, which last season managed to get a 31-35 record and ranked at 19 overall. All that is saying is that the Bucks have the potential to make it big in the NBA, but it also has the same chance at failing. With the Milwaukee Bucks it is a 50-50 chance on whether they even make it to the playoffs; the odds for a championship win are even lower than that.