Sometimes the Moneylines are the Way to go When Betting on the NBA

The great thing about the moneyline in sports betting is that you are simply wagering on which team will win the game. There’s no point spread to factor in and that can make your job quite a bit easier. The moneyline in the NBA looks pretty much like any sports betting line.


The Look of the NBA Line

Here’s a typical NBA line:

New Jersey Nets +250

Boston Celtics -325

With any moneyline, the top club is the visiting team. This line has the Nets as the underdog. If you bet $100 on New Jersey, you will win $250 if they win. To win $100 on Boston, you’ll have to bet $325. That’s quite a stake but chances are the team from Beantown is going to beat the Nets. They are heavily favored partly because they are at home, and also, more so, because the Celtics are a superior team.

Can You Find a NBA Line?

The problem with the NBA is that as far as teams go there are definitely the haves and the have-nots. Unlike the NFL, there’s not a lot of parity in professional basketball. In fact, every year anywhere from two to three teams with either even or losing records end up in the playoffs. You won’t find that in any of the other three popular professional sports—football, baseball and hockey.

Because there is so much inequity, in NBA sports betting it’s hard to find a moneyline on such games. If you can, you should compare it to the spread. If you think that the spread is way out of sync, then go with the line.

NBA Moneyline Problems

Besides the fact that NBA moneylines can be hard to find there’s also a problem inherent in wagering on the favorite as it often involves betting a lot to win a little. The payoff on an underdog may be hefty but the chances of one of the lower tier teams beating one of the elite are very low. It’s often tough for sportsbooks to get action on extreme underdogs. However, upsets do occur just about every night. With the NBA moneyline, you should not just blindly bet on the favorite.

Look for the Best NBA Deal

In NBA sports betting, it is important that you take some time, review various sportsbooks and find the best deal. If you want to bet the moneyline on a game and can’t find it at the first or second book that you check, you should not give up. Keep looking. Your tenacity may payoff in that you’ll discover an attractive line that is either cheaper when betting the favorite or that pays better than any other when wagering on the underdog. Sports betting takes time and diligence especially when it comes to finding moneylines on NBA games.