When you encounter the world of NBA picks, you will start to see a lot of hype about betting bonuses, expert handicappers, and specific tournament games. However, what if you just want to know what picks are, how they help, and when to use NBA picks for betting? In these cases, a general overview for beginners is all you need to get started.

What are NBA picks?

NBA Picks

Most people are familiar with the term picks because of the lottery. You ask the clerk at a gas station for a quick-pick and the computer chooses some random numbers for you.

On the other hand, sports betting is not a mere numbers game. There is a lot of information thrown at you over the NBA season that gives you a clearer idea of the outcome. Over time, you start putting your money where your mouth is and betting on the NBA, on your predicted outcome analysis in dollars and cents.

ESPN on NBA Picks

When you start betting your NBA picks, you start to realize that there are people that have been predicting NBA odds a lot longer than you have. Those NBA odds pickers that are well known for their ability to predict the outcomes of games may decide to go into an NBA odds business. This means that they have a website, Twitter page, and a group of dedicated followers.

These followers will stay in touch with this NBA picks maker and trust the handicapping skills that this individual has. In many cases, NBA picks handicappers are seen as someone that can do all of the work that you do not have time to do. Other people think of them as someone that is particularly lucky at determining the winning team.

When it comes to statistical analysis, like NBA betting picks, many new bettors are fascinated by the complexity of numbers and calculations an NBA picks handicapper crunches to produce the most likely win. This comes as no surprise since the art of NBA picks, called “handicapping”, was considered an intellectual pursuit before the days of computers.

Today, a computer can crunch numbers, but it cannot watch videos and keep up with history like the human brain processor. For this reason, your favorite NBA picks handicapper has a key advantage over the computer “auto-picks”.

Different kinds of NBA odds

Let us say that you find an NBA picks handicapper that you really like, such as the top recommended DocSports Picks. Sadly, when you start digging deeper, you realize that this person must be from another country. In this case, you have NBA picks for the upcoming game, but the numbers are really confusing. If you are unfamiliar with the difference between European and American styles of odds, your NBA picks experience can really throw a sidewinder at you.

For most of Europe, they will use the decimal odds system. For most Americans, odds will have a “+” or “-“. When you receive your NBA picks and they have numbers separated by “.” Without the plus and minus, then you know that this is the European style decimal odds. These are still great NBA picks, but you will need to process the numbers with an online odds conversion calculator to use the information to your betting advantage. For example, in decimal odds, a +150 is 2.50 and -180 is -1.20.

Using NBA picks for betting

Finding a good NBA picks handicapper is a great idea, but most of them will not take your money for a bet. Instead, you will need to find a separate online NBA betting site to use your picks. This is easy to do since most require a minimum deposit of only $20 – in addition, we have managed to get you up to $60 free in picks through our links only, at DocSports.

Although there are other options, most people will find their signup with a credit card easy. After you register, you use the NBA picks to win your bet and withdrawal the money the same way you deposited it. The only problem you will have is figuring out which bonuses you want to opt-in to.

Guaranteed versus non-guaranteed NBA picks

Paying someone else to predict the outcome of the game can seem like a gamble. While many of these websites offer free tips for NBA betting picks, they eventually want you to subscribe to their newsletter or pay for some of their predictions. In many cases, they will give you some insurance on paying for their tips by offering guaranteed or non-guaranteed prices for their NBA picks. Most of the time, this gives the buyers some reassurance that if the bet does not work out, at least they will get their money back for the faulty NBA pick.

NBA picks promos and special events

Along with NBA picks, there are special odds for the end of the season. This includes NBA points totals for all-time and season outcomes. There are also special tournaments that take place once a year such as the NBA All-Star Games, Euro Basketball Championships, March Madness, and basketball at the Olympics. Altogether, NBA picks will help you figure out if you can trust your own instincts and help you win at betting more often.

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