Can One Guy Make a Difference in NBA Sports Betting?

An NBA team has 15 players with 12 dressed to play and five on the court at any given time. And although sports bettors consider a vast array of data prior to placing their wagers, it’s important to realize that there are a few premium players whose impact can influence someone’s pick in sports betting.

Guys like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James (Official Site), Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash, Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard and Tim Duncan all come to mind. There are others too. The question is: what else is necessary for that primo talent to really make a difference? Although these guys may seem to do it all on their own, they do not.

The Other Two NBA Stars

Along with that NBA star, there needs to be two other starters who are just about equal or close in stature to that player. The Lakers have Bryant and Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom. Together, they can be unstoppable, making opposing team’s defensive chores exceptionally difficult. For the Celtics it’s Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. When all three are healthy, the Celtics are tops in the East.

A Supporting Cast – NBA Stars

Besides a top starting three, there is the need for two other dependable starters and a very solid bench. That top player needs someone who can back them up and give them a few minutes of relief. The sub does not need to be a great point scorer, but he does have to play good defense and be able to get the ball to other players so that they can score.

Leadership Skills, Desire and Character in NBA stars

Finally, the talented star needs to be a willing leader who possesses a great desire to win, and he has to possess solid character. Someone like Nowitzki has been accused many times of lacking leadership and desire, especially when the chips are down. However, he’s also proven, at times, to possess those attributes.

There’s more to being a premium, money player in the NBA than skill and talent, and the best of the best lead by example, want to win every time they take to the court and have impeccable character.

Betting on One Guy in the NBA

One guy can make a difference when it comes to wining and that means that he can influence sports betting decisions. But a player like Kevin Garnett could not make a team great on his own. Nor could LeBron James or Kobe Bryant.

Professional basketball is a team sport and without adequate support and important character traits, a top player may put up great stats, but he won’t single handedly turn a loser into a winner.