Which NBA Stats Should You Weigh Heaviest?

In the NBA, there are stats, stats and more stats. When it comes to sports betting the big question is which ones carry the most weight? All things considered, there are certain statistics that are essential when it comes to determining on which team you should wager.

NBA Points Against

A low points against average usually means that a team is doing a good job on defense. Clubs that win consistently have determined and skilled defenses that can stop even the best offenses. Run and gun teams may light up the scoreboard, but they are often beaten due to bad transitions during which they often give up too many baskets.

NBA Offensive Rebounds

Defensive rebounding is important but offensive rebounding is even more important. There are two reasons for this. First, if the offense of one team is doing well in rebounding that means that the other team, which would be on defense, is doing poorly in that very important aspect. The other reason is that offensive rebounds create second shots that often result in points.

NBA Turnovers

If a team is poor at ball handling, they are going to give the other team many more chances to score. No team wants to simply give the ball away. Teams that do this tend to take away any chance they have of winning consistently.

NBA Assists

A team with a healthy number of assists means that the club has balanced scoring. That is good because a team that has balanced scoring is much tougher to defend against than a club where one or two guys are doing it all. The other thing that solid assist numbers usually indicate is good ball control. As noted above, that’s important in creating scoring opportunities.

NBA Three-Point Percentage

On three-point shots, a solid team connection rate, anywhere from .370 or higher, is important. However, of the five stats mention, this one is probably the least important. If a team is exceptional in the four other areas mentioned, a low three-point percentage becomes less important. That is as long as they’re not shooting too many from downtown.

How many is too many? With an average to bad three-point team more than 1,500 attempts per season is too many. If a team is hitting more than .375 from the long distance arc how many they shoot is less of a consideration.

NBA Sports Betting and Balancing Stats

All stats were not created equal. The five in this article are not the only ones to consider, but they are essential when it comes to analyzing matchups. Use these categories to guide you in your NBA sports betting.

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