NBA Basketball Teams

NBA Atlantic Division

Boston Celtics
Aging stars Peirce and Garnett proved that they are not ready to go quietly into the night. Those two stars along with triple-double master Rajon Rondo make Boston a favorite to win the Atlantic they should also be among the favorites to win the Eastern Conference in the sports books at

Brooklyn Nets
The Nets are hoping that a change in venue along with the addition of Joe Johnson will jump start a slumping franchise. Expect Brooklyn to climb out of last place and be much more competitive in the Atlantic division. With the combination of Johnson and Williams the Nets may be worth a wager at the books on

New York Knicks
The Knicks star-studded lineup has underachieved in recent history. However after Mike Woodson took over as head coach last year the team showed great improvements. The loss of Jeremy Lin may be negated by the addition of veteran Jason Kidd. If the New York stars can gel together then they could be a breakout team and a good wager at the sports books.

Philadelphia 76ers
Philadelphia ended the year with a great run in the playoffs, almost making it to the Eastern Conference finals. The 76ers great defense and rebounding keeps their opponents point totals low. If the offense can make some improvements by next year then the ‘Sixers could be a surprise team in the books found through

Toronto Raptors
Toronto has not done well following the loss of Chris Bosh. The team has just forty-five wins in the past two years. However teams with nothing to lose can often be dangerous, especially to good teams that overlook weaker competition. Follow the raptors odds at and determine their upset potential.

NBA Central Division

Chicago Bulls
Despite being plagued by injuries, Chicago managed to tie for the best record in the NBA last year. The team relied on depth and defense to win the Central. If Derrick Rose’s team can stay healthy next year the Bulls should be a favorite to go deep into the playoffs. Check out the Bulls chances by using

Cleveland Cavaliers
Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving kept Cleveland from being a complete disappointment. Irving has the potential to be the NBA’s next superstar and that is exactly what the Cavaliers need after the departure of their last King. Use to monitor Irving and the Cavs as he and the team mature and try to improve on last season.

Detroit Pistons
The Pistons have been on a slow decline from their dominance in the early 2000’s. Even though the trend continued last year, Detroit showed the potential to improve through its younger players. Betting on Detroit can offer big payouts on the sports books. Always check for the latest information before the bet is placed.

Indiana Pacers
The Pacers gave Miami a scare in the playoffs this year after they went up by two games. Although they did not win the series, they showed that they have the ability to defeat the eventual Finals champions. Even if they do not go deep in the playoffs next year, Indiana should be a good week-to-week pick which can be found through

Milwaukee Bucks
The combination of Ellis and Jennings creates the quickest backcourt in the NBA. However the loss of Andrew Bogut opens up a lot of holes in the Bucks’ defense. This combination makes Milwaukee a very streaky team, capable of surprise upsets any given night. Follow the Bucks on and try to determine when they will get hot.

Southeast Division

Atlanta Hawks
Atlanta had a very successful regular season last year, however that may be hard to duplicate next year without all-star guard Joe Johnson. Atlanta’s new lineup looks very different from last year use to keep an eye on this new rotation and see if its worth waging on Atlanta to go deep into the playoffs.

Charlotte Bobcats
Michael Jordan’s Bobcats were a disgrace in 2012 to say the least. The team set a new record for lowest winning percentage in a season. With that said it seems like thing can only go up from here for Charlotte. With the addition of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist the Bobcats may be on the right track and be worth waging on by following the links on

Miami Heat
MVP LeBron James finally has his championship ring, but he is still looking for more. Now that James and his teammates appear to have developed good team chemistry they will be hard to stop. With the addition of Ray Allen the Heat will likely be favorites to repeat as champions on many of the books at

Orlando Magic
The Dwight Howard trade winds continue to swirl as his and the team’s future looks uncertain. If Howard is dealt sometime this year then expect the new magic team to look very different as the team will look to create cap space. However if Howard does play the season out in Orlando, then expect the Magic to be a boom or bust team. Follow Howard and the Magic at

Washington Wizards
New coach Randy Wittman will have a lot of teaching to do with a young Wizards team. The team finished near the bottom of the league in many statistics last year. If Wittman can help develop college phenom John Wall into a mature player then Washington could be an improved team. will have the latest on the Wizards and help you decide all of your wagers.


NBA Southwest Division

Dallas Mavericks
Mark Cuban has let go most of the 2011 NBA championship team in hopes of signing a new free agent superstar. While the Mavericks did not get that star this year they still have a chance for some great players next year. In the meantime Dallas’ roster may be lacking. Nevertheless, a team with Dirk Nowitzki can win any given night so do not overlook the Mavericks on the sports books.

Houston Rockets
After a busy offseason for the Rockets there are many new faces on the roster. It is unclear how all of these players will fit together, but Houston has recently found ways to win. If newcomer Jeremy Lin can bring this team together like he did last year then Houston should have a lot of success. is the ideal site to make wise bets on the Rockets.

Memphis Grizzlies
The Grizzlies are not flashy but their great defense allowed them to claim the fourth seed in the playoffs last year. Memphis’ strong big men present many problems for many of today’s smaller lineups look for the Grizzlies to abuse some of these teams next year. Check out the sports books at to earn some money of some of these mismatches.

New Orleans Hornets
After losing all star Chris Paul, New Orleans had a disappointing year. However the team has hope after the acquisition of rookies Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers. This team seems to have a bright future, but do not discount immediate success either. Rookies in the NBA can have major impacts, especially ones as talented as these. Use to take advantage of this fresh new talent

San Antonio Spurs
The Spurs have been one of the most consistent teams over the last decade, winning three championships in that span. Even though Duncan and Ginobili are aging, there is no reason to think that their dominance will end. Use to get the latest on the spurs and find links to place bets on this reliable team.

NBA Northwest Division

Denver Nuggets
Denver’s offense has been good for nearly a decade, but last year it was the best. The Nuggets led the league in points per game and if it were not for its terrible scoring defense, would have been a great team. This combination makes for very high scoring games. Watch the books on for Denver’s favorable matchups, especially if they can turn the game into shootout.

Minnesota Timberwolves
Until a few devastating injuries slowed the team down, Minnesota was in the running for a playoff spot. This would have been a huge improvement since the Timberwolves have not been a contender since Garnett left the team. With a roster full of foreign talent and the addition of Brandon Roy may see some favorable spreads on the sports books.

Portland Trailblazers
Portland seems to have been cursed by major injuries in recent years, so it is understandable that the team did not do well in 2012. However the Trailblazers still have a very young and talented lineup. New head coach Caleb Canales may be able to bring out the best of these young players. If he can then Portland will be a dangerous team and worth keeping an eye on through

Oklahoma City Thunder
Scoring champion Kevin Durant and company came very close to their first Finals victory for Oklahoma City. The Thunder’s grate scoring ability keeps them in every game they play. Expect OKC to improve every year as their young team gains experience. Look for these improvements to be reflected in the spreads on

Utah Jazz
Heading into the season Utah looks like a very well rounded team. Although the team did not exceed expectations last year, the Jazz sill had one the best offensive and rebounding teams in the league. If Utah could improve its defense then they may be a serious contender, but until then the Jazz are still a dangerous team and worth a look frequently at


Pacific Division

Golden State Warriors
With the addition of defensive specialist Andrew Bogut the Warriors should have a much easier time rebounding and protecting the paint, things they had trouble with last year. The only question is if the offense can stay explosive after giving up Monta Ellis. If they can, Golden State could be a surprise team at the sports books.

Los Angeles Clippers
The Clippers have quickly become one of the most entertaining NBA teams to watch. However, this team is not just flashy, they are good too. Paul and Griffin have dragged this franchise out from the Lakers’ shadow and plan on remaining there. Utilize to place bets on this up and coming team.

Los Angeles Lakers
Kobe Bryant and the Lakers are a championship contender every year. Now that the team has added Steve Nash Los Angeles may be the team to beat. With a formidable frontcourt and now dangerous backcourt, the Lakers may quickly become favorites to win it all. Check the odds throughout the season at

Phoenix Suns
The loss of longtime sun Steve Nash to the division rival Lakers may indicate the beginning of rebuilding in Phoenix. Without Nash’s passing ability the Suns’ offense may suffer. However, the Suns still have dangerous players. Odds makers may overestimate the loss of Nash early in the season. Pay close attention to the Suns’ spreads through and make a few quick bucks if the team can gel together.

Sacramento Kings
Keith Smart, the new coach of the Kings will have his hands full next season. Sacramento needs to improve off a disappointing season last year. The biggest problem was the Kings last place defense. Since the team is so young the defense should improve yearly. Check to look for favorable matchups and track the Kings progress.