NBA Trades and Sports Betting

The NBA trade deadline is in late February and once it passes team rosters are in essence fixed. There are often numerous rumors of possible big trades that include the names of players and teams. Sometimes such trades materialize and other times they don’t. Here are some important things to consider regarding NBA mid-season trades.

How Good is the NBA Player?

This one is basic but you do want to know simply how good that player is. If he’s a big name player does he still have gas in his engine? Along with being good what is his attitude? Is he bringing baggage with him that may disrupt the club and hamper positive aspects of his arrival?

Is the NBA Player a Good Fit with the Team?

Part of this question has to do with attitude but the other parts concerns playing style and what position he plays? If this player is slow and methodical and he is coming to an up tempo team will he adjust to their style or will they adjust to his? Does his style of play match the team’s? Also, you want to consider what position he plays and if he will actually see important minutes. Sometimes teams trade players to rid themselves of their salaries or attitude, and they get very little in return.

How Old is the NBA Player?

A player’s age can be important heading into the latter part of the season. They may be fine right now but search to see if they have been prone to breaking down and getting injured as the season goes on. Age can have a lot to do with this as players suffer from years and years of wear and tear.

Does the NBA Player Want the Trade?

Many times a NBA player has to approve his trade. If he has, then chances are he wants to be with his new team. But if he did not have to approve the trade, then pay special attention to how he feels about it because that can affect his effort and overall contribution.

What is the NBA Player’s Role?

Finally, what exactly is his role? Is he there to mentor, be a team leader, help create a deeper bench or to supplant the role of a starter? Will he accept his role and will the team accept him in that role?

Betting on the NBA Trade

On rare occasions a mid-season trade can really turn a team around. Sometimes it involves a big name player but more often than not a role player can come in and elevate some aspect of a team’s defense, offense or both. Pay attention to mid-season trades in your sports betting endeavors as they can upgrade a team enough to allow them to win five to a nine more games and that’s something you can bet on.

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