New York Knicks History

The New York Knickerbockers were one of the original members of the National Basketball Association when they were established in 1946. Shorty after the league became the NBA making New York one of its first members also and only one of two teams still playing in the city where it started. This may be because the Knicks were successful their first several seasons. After a short lull celebrated coach Red Holzman revived the Knicks. Under Holzman the Knicks claimed both the 1970 and 1973 NBA championships. The Knicks had some good seasons the next decade but were not a championship threat until they acquired forward Patrick Ewing. Even with Ewing the Knicks were often ousted by the Bulls in the playoffs and never managed to win a championship another championship. Recent Knick teams have no shortage of talent, however this has not translated to successful seasons.

NYC Knicks Ownership

Knicks owner James Dolan may be one of the most criticized owners in the NBA. In fact Sports Illustrated named Dolan the worst NBA owner some years ago. Some of this disapproval may stem from the Knicks huge market that creates unrealistic expectations. Still, Dolan has suffered through many losing seasons despite a massive player payroll. Many of these large contracts were to free agent players and were questioned by the media the second Dolan signed the contract. In addition to players Dolan signed many high profile coaches, but just like the players these coaches had trouble turning the Knicks around. Most recently Dolan receive heat for not resigning point guard Jeremy Lin. Dolan noted that the decision to let Lin go was strictly financial, however large contracts have not been a problem for Dolan in the past. In addition to the Knicks Dolan also owns the NHL’s New York Rangers and the WNBA’s New York Liberty.

Knicks Arena

Madison Square Gardens, or “The Garden”, may be the most famous arena in all of the NBA. Opened in 1968 after the old MSG was torn down, this Garden is the oldest NHL arena and the second oldest NBA home. Kobe Bryant currently holds the record for most points scored in the new MSG with 61, with many other superstars coming close. Many players want to leave a legacy in this arena, even if this is not their home court. In addition to basketball and hockey the Garden has housed countless concerts and has become an icon of New York City.

NBA New York Knicks Fan Base

New Yorkers regularly pack the Garden to cheer for their hometown Knicks, unless the team is losing of course. Knicks fans are known for supporting their successful teams with passion, but making their voices heard if the team is in a slump. If the fans dislike a star player or a coach they will not hesitate to let their feelings be known, however when the Knicks are winning there may be no better fans in the NBA. The face of the Knick fans is definitely director Spike Lee. He is most known for courtside seats and his dialog with Reggie Miller in the 1994 NBA playoffs. Along with Lee many celebrities can be seen taking in a game at MSG.

NBA Basketball New York Knicks Coaching

Over the Knicks long history they have had many hall of fame coaches, however often for only short stints. The first famed Knicks coach, Red Holzmen, coached from 1967-1982 and was immediately placed in the coaching hall of fame his first year eligible. In the 80s and 90s Hubie Brown and Pat Riley both had five-year stints with the Knicks. Within the last decade both Lenny Wilkens and Larry Brown coached the Knicks for a year but were relived when they did not have much success. In fact none of these famed coaches were able to bring a championship back to New York after Holzmen did in the 70’s.

New York Knicks Betting

Knicks bettors may have found themselves frustrated in the past with teams that seemed to under-perform to their talent levels. While recent teams appear to be improving, they are not yet up to fan expectations. If this improving trend continues the Knicks could soon be worthy of long-term bets. As far as single NBA game bets go, the Knicks have been a risk as of late. A grouping of superstars give the team the firepower to bust through any spread, however when these stars do not play well together the results can lead to big loses. Hopefully future teams feature more consistency than these previous ones. Overall a bettor needs to look at the matchup itself and determine if the Knicks worth a risk.