NBA odds can confuse fans of the Playoff Championships or the NCAA March Madness tournament brackets when they want to shift to serious betting for bigger winnings. For those that are accustomed to playing the numbers with a bookie, you can get overwhelmed when you start to shop around online. Thankfully, you only need a few pointers to start placing online bets using NBA odds and raking in the cash.

What are NBA odds?

When you go online to search for NBA odds, what you will get is a long list of web sites that show you all of the teams that are playing that night along with a set of numbers. This webpage is usually called “Live Odds: NBA Pointspread and Totals”. Major websites will show what a variety of sportsbooks are saying about the outcome of each game and rank them. This style of ranking odds is called “half-point odds”.

For example, Atlanta Hawks at Milwaukee Bucks -2 1/2 , -110 -110; 197 ½ o-110 u-110. The number -2 ½ can be converted to decimal points such as 2.5. Although this can seem confusing, the key is to look at these fractions as your guide to whether or not this is ranked as a good bet. Many professional NBA odds websites will tell you that anything above 3 ½ is a good bet.

How to read NBA odds

Now that we understand the funny fraction in a list of NBA odds, the next step is to understand the positive and negative numbers associated with them. In general, Americans will be looking out websites that have NBA odds set up in the money line or American odds system. This is not something that needs to overwhelm a new bettor. Instead, it is easy to learn about NBA odds, interact with them over time, and eventually stop using an online money lines betting calculator to do work for you.

To get a better idea about NBA odds, a brief explanation of money lines is all that you will need. For instance, you want to bet on the NBA odds for the Chicago Bulls. At the betting website, you will see that they are +150. This means that, if they win, you will get $150 for your bet. For negative numbers, this can be slightly tricky. For -110, you will need to put down $110 on your team to win. If you win these NBA odds, you will get your original $110 plus $100 for winning the bet.

Placing bets with NBA odds

While some people are only interested in the statistics side of NBA odds, most people will use these types of calculations to their gambling advantage. From analyzing games, you soon see a pattern with the NBA odds. Of course, you then use those gut feelings to place a bet. However, if you are still using a local bookie, you are stuck in the dark ages. Why use all of that knowledge on a low paying bet when it is a whole other story online? – see our recommended online sportsbooks.

Advantages of multiple NBA odds

Most bettors soon find that online NBA odds makers are hosting a different set of odds. This means, if you are member of each website, you can place your money on the set of odds that will bring you the most winnings. Regardless, you should always check a website if they have bad NBA odds for that game. Chances are they know their odds are not all that great and will offer you a free bet or some type of promo coupon as a way of saying sorry.

Online NBA odds accounts

These days, everyone has a cell phone or a smartphone. With the rise of online betting, that means that betting pools are richer than ever. Since most of the betting websites only require a twenty dollar bill to start betting, most people are lured in. All of the guesswork is taken out of the process and users review NBA odds websites as easy to use. You simply deposit your $20 with a credit card and start placing bets within minutes. When you win, you can use the same method of deposit to withdrawal.

Calculating the NBA odds on betting websites

When it comes down to it, many new bettors dealing with NBA odds cannot handle the math. After all, false moves can cause you to lose your winning streak. Instead of making clumsy mistakes and regretting it later, an NBA odds calculator only takes seconds of your time. This way, you double-check the math you did in your head and move on to placing your next bet.