Sports Bettors Use this Time to Prep for Next Basketball Season

As you know, the NBA season is long and grueling for the players and the sports bettor. You may think the off-season is a time to rest and relax and take a break from sports betting.

But a lot happens when the league is on break and the avid gambler who wants to be prepared for the next season needs to stay involved in what’s happening. Here are five key areas to which you want to stay tuned during the big break that goes through the dog days of summer and into the autumn.

NBA Draft

The league draft happens around the third week of June and although it is not as hyped as the NFL Draft, it can be very important when it comes to sports betting. The draft will be covered in more detail in another article focusing just on it. But here are some key points.

  • Usually there are one or two big players per year.
  • There are around four to eight more who will make a difference their first year.
  • The NBA Draft lottery can make or break a team for next year.
  • Pre-draft and draft day trades can be huge.

Las Vegas Summer NBA League

The NBA offers a ten-day summer league that features players who have been in the pros for three years or less. This showcase won’t tell you a lot about a team overall but it will tell you something about its young talent. Rookies are of special interest as they tend to play against one another during this short season. The games are held in the middle of July.

There is also the Orlando Summer League, which starts just after the fourth of July and runs for five days. This league basically follows the same format and is almost like a warm-up for the real warm-up league in Vegas.

In the case of the Las Vegas Summer League what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas. It is splashed across sports pages, websites and televisions across America. Use it to evaluate new talent that could turn a team around.

Trades and Free Agents

Off-season trades and free agent signings can be big. As an example in 2010, LeBron James and Shaq O’Neal made headlines by going to the Magic and Celtics respectively. These were both, for different reasons, massive free agent signings that could make two already dominant teams even more dominant. And don’t forget the Cavs of Cleveland who are severely weakened having lost their star player, James, and another huge talent, Shaq. Track big changes like these and more subtle ones too.

League Previews

For the sports bettor, September is important because this is the time when the hard copy and online NBA previews are published. Some previews are better than others and online sources that are updated as players get injured, find themselves at odds with ownership or finally sign their first or new contract can be especially useful. Some respected commentators and analysts offer their own preview of the league. These can be very helpful especially if they offer detailed information and matchup considerations.

Room for Improvement? – NBA

There are a few things you want to be aware of during this time that can pay off in your sports betting. And they all concern money. The NBA has a soft salary cap that can get fairly complex, but you do want to know how much room a team has in their cap since this will determine if they can sign another maximum-effect player. Will they have room in their cap during the season to make a big trade that could make them a real winner partway through the season?

Also, you want to determine that if they do have room if management is willing or able to spend the cash that they need to in order to improve the team. Sometimes teams in small markets or with tight owners simply can’t or won’t spend the necessary cash to upgrade the team and thus the club remains in the cellar year after year.

Finally, look for difference-makers who are free agents and carry a low price tag. This is often the case with aging vets who still have a lot to offer. It may also be the case for a younger player who is good now but has the potential to become great on the right team. In this case, you’re acting like the ultimate NBA general manager.

Sports Betting is Year Round

The basic thing to remember is that this is a league that never sleeps. Things are always happening and as we get closer to the start of a new season important activity really starts to pick up, and that activity will go a long way in determining how good a team is and how well they do. In NBA sports betting, your success starts with the pre-season.