Orlando Magic History

The Magic entered the NBA in 1989 as an expansion team located in Orlando, Florida. Orlando entered the NBA with another expansion team, the Minnesota Timberwolves, just a year after two other expansion teams were added the previous year. While expansion teams generally are not initially very successful, the Magic were able to create a winning squad within five years of becoming a franchise. Over the team’s brief history they have had and lost many superstar players including Shaquille O’Neil, Vince Carter, Grant Hill, Tracy McGrady, and most recently Dwight Howard. All of these stars helped to bring victories to the city of Orlando, however none of them played in the city their whole career. Even more disappointing for Magic fans is that none of the players were able to bring a championship to Orlando, despite many playoff appearances and even two trips to the NBA Finals. Still, the Magic are a relatively young franchise that continually shows promise of turning that around.

Basketball Team Orlando Magic Ownership

The Orlando Magic franchise was first started by William Du Pont III, who set the foundation for the franchise. Soon after the creation of the team Du Pont sold the struggling fledgling team the DeVos family, making Richard Devos the Owner of the team. Years later DeVos transferred ownership to his family, specifically his son-in-law Rich. While the Magic owners have not particularly famous they have had to deal with many media maelstroms involving superstar players. Most recently the team had to deal with the firing of a coach by request of a player and that same player’s, Dwight Howard’s, expiring contract. It appears fair to say that these owners may have gone through a little more than most NBA owners have.

Orlando Magic Arena

When the Magic were introduced to the league in 1989 they played their home games in Amway Arena in downtown Orlando. The arena, also called the O-Rena, played host to Magic games until a new, state of the art facility was built in 2010. The new name did not change much since the same company owns the naming rights, therefore the name only changed from the Amway Arena to the Amway Center. The new arena gained some national attention when it held the 2012 NBA all-star weekend, which garners all the NBA attention for a few days.

NBA Magic Fan Base

In the rafters of the Amway Center hangs the retired number “6”. This number does not represent any all-star player, but rather was retired from use in tribute to the Orlando fans, who may also be known as the “sixth man.” Despite this fan tribute, Magic fans may find it difficult to support a team that rotates through superstar players just as the fans were becoming attached. Some of this has to do with the personalities that the city of Orlando seems to draw. While this aspect may not bother the fans it appears that they would just like some consistency at this point.

Magic NBA Coaching

While the list of superstar athletes is a long one, the list of top caliber coaches leaves something to be desired. With that said the Magic coaches were not all bad, they simply had trouble holding onto the good ones. In 1997 hall of fame coach Chuck Daily agreed to take over the team, however he only lasted until 1999. That year current Celtics coach Doc Rivers took over and won the NBA Coach of the Year award. Rivers soon moved on to Boston and again left a void. Stan Van Gundy gave the job a shot but was run out of town by Dwight Howard and a lack of playoff success. Current coach Jacque Vaughn is looking to stop this coaching carrousel for a while.

NBA Basketball Orlando Magic Betting

The Magic have often been a team difficult to predict. The team is often full of potential and talent, but can disappoint and self-destruct as the season persists. With the loss of Howard the Magic appear to be without a superstar, however this may be good for bettors because team basketball is often more consistent. While it is unclear how deep the Magic teams in the near future will go, it is clear that the team is changing and uncertain teams can be dangerous and worth a wager any night of the week.