Betting the Over/Under in the NBA to Win

The over/under in the NBA sports betting is one of the few true straight bets you will find. The beauty of the over/under is that it’s a fairly simple wager. The basic point of the over/under is to correctly pick if the final cumulative score is going to be over or under the number published by the sports books.

NBA Over/Under

Here is the way in which the over/under is listed.

Los Angeles Lakers

o/u  195.5

Dallas Mavericks

Often you’ll see the over/under will either have a decimal or fraction at the end. That fraction prevents the bet from resulting in a push. A push in the over/under would mean that in the above example if the number was 195, the totals could match that number. Thus, all bets would be off. With a push all money is simply returned to the bettors.

In the example above if the point totals are under 195, the under wins, or if they are over 195, the over bet win the money. The over/under, like the spread and moneyline, is a simple wager to understand.

The NBA Over/Under and the Spread

In the NBA, the over/under is calculated based on past performance. In sports betting, wagering opportunities such as the moneyline and point spread are based on various factors, including statistics related to defense and offense.

One thing to do before you bet on the over/under is to consider the point spread. This can help you figure out how accurate the over/under may be. If, in the above example, the point spread is small, such as 4.5 with the Lakers as the favored team, that tells you that handicappers expect the score, when compared to the over/under, will be around Lakers 100 and Mavericks 95.

Comparing that spread with the over/under and knowing something about both teams says that the spread is fairly close and a tough bet. The numbers also indicate that the over/under is probably accurately calculated. Both clubs are fairly evenly matched.

However, what if the spread favored Los Angeles by 12.5?  With the over/under at 195, that would mean a score such as Lakers 103 and Dallas 91. That score is less likely since both teams are very close in terms of offensive output. That would be a sign that the over/under is off. With two very solid offensive clubs and the big spread, you’d probably go with the over on this game.

NBA Analysis and Sports Betting

There is a rich amount of information available to you that you need to cross reference when preparing your wagers. Use the spread along with other types of information available to determine if and how you should wager on the over/under.