Philadelphia 76ers History

The Philadelphia 76ers also referred to as the Sixers, have a very long history in the NBA. They were initially founded in 1946, with almost 56 years playing the great sport of basketball. Three years after they were founded by Danny Biasone and his $5000 check, they became part of the NBA. During that time they were known as the Syracuse Nationals. They moved to Philadelphia in 1963, bringing the NBA with them. Along with the venue change, their name was changed to the Philadelphia 76ers. From 1964 to 1967, the Sixers acquired Wilt Chamberlain. This was a great time to a fan. Chamberlain was then traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, where the team suffered greatly from this decision. It wasn’t until later that another great man would put the 76ers back on the map, Julius Erving. Erving, also known as Dr. J, led the team from ’76 until ’84. They have won 3 championship titles, 9 conference titles, and 5 division titles.

Philadelphia 76ers Game Changers

Wilt Chamberlain and Julius Erving are two of the biggest stars to have passed through the 76ers roster before 1984. Each had their era of bringing the team up, but the team suffered when they left. This shows how much of an impact they had on this team.

Everyone’s favorite sportscaster, Charles Barkley, was once part of the 76ers. He was just a rookie when he started in 1984, but he later became a well-known and very good basketball player by the time he left the team in 1992.

Another great player to have become a part of the 76ers history is Allen Iverson. He played between the 1996 and 2006 seasons. Controversy has surrounded this player many times throughout his career, but he has demonstrated great basketball regardless.

Philadelphia 76ers Arena

Ever since the Wells Fargo Center opened in 1996, the Philadelphia 76ers has made it their home when playing basketball. It wasn’t always known as the Wells Fargo Center, but has changed hands various times. It was known first as CoreStates, then First Union, and later Wachovia, until it finally became what it is today. Before moving to this new arena, they used to play in the Spectrum.

Philadelphia 76ers Coaching

Doug Collins is the current head coach of the 76ers, but he has had a short time with them, since 2010. The 76ers have had issues with their coaches in past years, but they seem to have found a good leader and coach in Doug Collins.

Philadelphia 76ers Fans

The fan base for the 76ers is not all the notable, but they still make their voices heard. One fan in particular has made his voice heard, famous actor Will Smith. He is one of the minority owners of the 76ers, which is where Smith is from. This could show that the Sixers fans might have a good chance at getting good players for the next seasons.

Betting on the Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers has become a team full of young talent. The team could become a pretty strong team if they make it a priority to play these young players. They have on their roster, the first pick of 2010, Evan Turner. This young player showed his talent at Ohio State. Using his talents, combined with a little more experienced players like Thaddeus Young and Spencer Hawes, could make a great team. They even have Andre Iguodala, an 8-year veteran to help with defense. Depending on how they use their young talent, along with the experienced players, the Sixers could be strong contenders in winning a title. They had a good record in their previous season, 42-37, getting them ranked 12th overall. They have been projected to make it to at least to the playoffs, but as most fans know, the playoffs can go either way for any team.