Essential Post Season Sports Betting Tips

Sports bettors heavily wager the NBA post season. With more than half of the league’s teams in the mix, there are obviously many betting opportunities. A total of 16 teams participate in the post season. Here are some tips that you can use to win in the NBA playoffs.

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Early Series NBA Betting

Early series NBA betting is important for the sports bettor. That’s because the playoff structure pits some fairly weak teams against the very best. Of the 77 possible playoff games, the first round offers the potential for 56 games to be played! But chances are that 56 games will not be played. Here’s why.

The structure has the first place team in each conference versus the eighth place and the second place versus the seventh place. All things being equal, these tend to be good games to wager on, especially when the favored team is at home.

Small Point Spreads and Home Team

In any series if you are wagering on the favorite team, then try to get as small a point spread as possible when the team is at home. That’s because favorites overwhelming win at home. The NBA home court advantage is big in any game but in the playoffs it’s huge.

NBA Injuries

Injuries are big factors in the playoffs because players have little to no time to recover and the competition is so intense. If a major player is hurt, this can really sink a club. Check on injuries every single day. By the way, if a major player is coming off of an injury, is healed and rested, that can be a huge benefit for his team headed into the post season. Pay close attention to each player’s health; it’s essential in sports betting.


A deep team can go a long way in the post season. Remember that these players have just finished an 82-game season and they need every man that they can get. Any club that can call upon subs to give quality minutes on a daily basis has a solid edge over others that do not. If a club actually has a starting six, which means a sixth player who could be starting for a team less stacked, then think about them very carefully.


Defense can win games in the regular season and it can certainly win them in the post season. Consider the way that a big defensive play can change the outcome of a close game and even tip a series in another direction. A team with no or little defense may be a sixth through eighth seed, which means they will have a tough time getting through even the initial round.

Use the Tips

Use the five tips above in your post season sports betting strategy. These tips are keystones that you can use to make solid NBA picks. The biggest problem for any sports bettor when it comes to the NBA playoffs is figuring out the spread. Look for the smallest spread you can find when wagering on the team that is favored and the biggest when going with the underdog.