Professional Basketball Previews are Essential to Solid Sports Betting

In the NBA, sports bettors find that understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each team is essential. It’s important to get a good idea of the potential pluses and minuses of each team as this information will serve as a foundation for your season of sports betting. Here is what you should look for when it comes to NBA game previews.

NBA Defense

It is true that when in the game of basketball that offense is what captures everyone’s attention, makes for exciting highlights and supplies a huge volume of quotable statistics. You’re more likely to remember when someone scores 50 points than when someone makes five steals.  But the fact is that in order to win in the NBA, a club needs a better than average if not exemplary defense.

The guard spots need to be solid and include at least one tenacious player who can steal the ball and then convert those steals into points. Seasoned point guards are worth their weight in gold. A team that has one who is in the prime of his career can control play much of the time.

The frontcourt needs big-bodied bangers. That is, guys who are tall, have bulk and are durable. Although basketball is considered to be a non-contact sport, the fact is that there is a huge amount of contact under the boards and guys take a beating.

If a team has a center who can block shots and grab rebounds and a power forward who can do the same, they will be golden in front. A center who can score is a huge bonus, just as a small forward who can grab his share of rebounds is a massive plus. Consider these factors when making your sports betting picks.

NBA Offense

Offense is not just generated by shots, it is often the result of playmakers who can set up plays and pass. That means that a point guard with fine court vision, quickness and smarts is a big benefit to any offense.

Look for shooting guards who can hit threes at least 33% of the time and are knocking in shots from the court at around 38% to 42%. Teams that shoot a lot of threes can be dynamic, but if they rely on the shot from downtown too much that can damage their overall output.

In the frontcourt, your primary scoring threat is usually at the small forward spot. A small forward who can hit from inside and from the outside at a high rate can be a major asset on any team. Again, someone knocking in over 38% of their shots and scoring around 22 points per game will help put wins on the board.

The power forward spot is not usually a scoring spot. They will put points on the board, but they actually have some more important things to do. These guys are trying to create scoring opportunities with steals and rebounds on one end of the court and redounds and picks on the defensive end of the court. Big bodied, nasty and aggressive are words that are used to describe power forwards who make big contributions.

The center who can command the boards on the offense end of the court will grab rebounds and create second shots. That’s one way they can help on offense. The other way is by connecting on 50% of their attempts from the field. Solid centers can do this.

NBA Deal Breakers and Makers

Names of guys who fit into this category include Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Garnett, LeBron James, Chris Paul and others. These are guys who by their very presence upgrade a team and with the right mix of other players can make a team a winner. With NBA sports betting pay attention to who are the top 50 players in the league and which teams with which they play.  If a club has two or three of the top 50, they will be in the playoffs. These guys are dealmakers all the way.

Deal breakers are players who have a bad work ethic, attitude or simply cannot come through. Make note of them. Often these guys are players who put themselves above the team. By the way, sometimes players change. Some high profile guys go for years being difficult to deal with and then, suddenly, find the right match with the right team and coach. All of a sudden, they’ve become a dealmaker and not a breaker.

NBA Depth

In looking for teams in previews that may be consistent winners, you need to consider depth. A team that lacks depth will find it very difficult to compete in a league like the NBA that demands players perform at their peak in a regular season that runs for 82 games over the course of six months.

Just the Beginning

The previews are not the be all and all when it comes to sports betting and the NBA, but they do contain a wealth of useful information that will allow you to get a good grasp on the league and teams. Read at least three and preferably more previews. Look for analysts who use facts and figures to back up their evaluations and picks. The primary thing to realize is that before you put any cash down on an NBA team, you want to be an expert on the league, team, players and personnel.