Sacramento Kings History

Before this franchise became the Sacramento Kings, they had many different names and a plethora of different homes. As the Rochester Royals, the franchise had good success, winning the team’s only league championship in 1951. While in Rochester the franchise was member of the BAA, NBL, and their combination, the NBA. Despite great success on the court the team could not fill seats and had to relocate to Cincinnati in 1957. Royals teams of this time were often among the leagues best, however, were not able to claim another NBA championship. In 1972 the franchise again relocated, this time to Kansas City. Since KC’s baseball team already had the nickname “Royals”, the basketball franchise altered their name to the Kings. While in Kansans City the team split games between its home city and Omaha, Nebraska. After some dismal seasons the Kings finally relocated to their current home in Sacramento in 1985. While the fortunes of the Kings did not improve immediately, the team was able to make it back to the Western Conference Finals in 2002. The franchise owes a lot of its success to some of its key players over the years including Nate Archibald, Chris Weber, and Oscar Robertson. More recent Kings teams have had little success and would like to return to the success of the franchise’s inception.

Sacramento Kings Ownership

The Kings are owned by the Maloof family, a prominent family in the Sacramento area. Throughout the family’s ownership they have garnered a fair amount of media criticism for the handing of the Kings. Many people feel that their decisions are purely based on making a profit, with less emphasis on winning games. In addition rumors about moving the team out of Sacramento have been frequent. For these reasons the Maloof family has a poor approval rating to say the least

Sacramento Kings Arena

The arena has been a major sticking point when determining where the Kings future lies. The Kings currently play their home games in Sleep Train Arena, but this arena was built in 1988. While this is not as old as other NBA stadiums, it is too old to be the long term home to the Kings. In 2012 the city of Sacramento and other parties agreed on a tentative agreement for a new stadium in the city, however the Maloof family backed out a month later, leaving the fate of the team up in the air.

Sacramento Kings Fan Base

Fan support for the Kings has been hard to come by during the recent seasons. This is somewhat surprising considering that the Kings are the only major sports franchise in the California capital. Some of this may be due to the poor ownership, while the majority of blame should be placed on the abysmal performance of the team in recent years. In face, attendance numbers for the Kings have consistently been among the leagues lowest. Finding more fan support elsewhere is part of the rational behind moving the team.

Sacramento Kings Coaching

The Kings have had some great coaches over their long history. The likes of which include Lester Harrison, Phil Johnson, and Casey Fitzsimmons. The later two both won coach of the year awards. The current Kings coach is Keith Smart. Smart held stints as the head coach with both Cleveland and Golden State before he came to Sacramento. While his records at these previous jobs were poor, he hopes to change this with the Kings.

Sacramento Kings Betting

The Kings have finished around the bottom of their division each of the past several years. Despite drafting near the top most years the Kings have yet to claim an all-star franchise player to build their team around. Until that happens it appears that the Kings will wallow at the bottom of the division for the foreseeable future. Despite some great odds it seems unlikely that the Kings will win an NBA title or the Western Conference. For individual games the Kings’ opponents will often be heavy favorites in most games. However, This young team has the ability to get hot on any given night. If bettors can pick and choose these nights they can make a small fortune with the Kings.