San Antonio Spurs History

The Spurs’ franchise originated in the state of Texas, however not in San Antonio. In fact, when the team was first created as a member of the ABA it was located in neighboring Dallas Texas. After a few mediocre years with poor fan turnout the team was leased and eventually sold to a group of investors in San Antonio. The Spurs were one of the four ABA teams to be selected to join the NBA in 1976 and have been the most successful of these teams since then. The Spurs have won a total of four NBA Finals championships and have never lost the Finals when they have made it there. Many of these championship teams were led by great players like George Gervin, David Robinson, and Tim Duncan.

San Antonio Spurs Basketball Ownership

The ownership of the Spurs’ franchise started out shaky. This group of investors seemed more interested in profits than team success as they were hesitant to spend money and quickly sold the team to a group in San Antonio. The Spurs are currently owned by Peter Holt who made his fortune with the largest Caterpillar dealership in the United States. Holt also owns the WNBA’s San Antonio Silver Stars and some developmental leagues based in the city.

Basketball Arena for the San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio plays its home games in the AT&T Center, located on the east side of the metropolis. Before they were the Spurs the franchise played most of its basketball home games in Dallas, but the team would also play games in Fort Worth and Lubbock in order to increase fan support. After the move to San Antonio the Spurs played in a HemisFair Arena and the Alamodome before moving to their current home.

San Antonio Spurs Fan Base

While the other NBA teams in Texas have to share some of their fans between other sports, fans in San Antonio have basketball as the only major sport in the city. This may be part of the reason that Spurs fans are some of the most consistent in the NBA. This may simply reflect the consistency of the team itself as the Spurs are rarely out of the playoff picture and are always competitive. While the teams has not been flashy, fans turn out anyway to watch one of the best teams of the last decade.

Spurs’ Coaching

Even though Spurs teams have had success making the playoffs for much of the franchises history, the head-coaching job has been rather tumultuous. The team often has had successful regular season but faltered in the postseason and felt a need to replace coaching. For example, San Antonio was just one stop for iconic coach Larry Brown in 1988. The Spurs fired Brown four years later, after he posted a .500 record in the playoffs. This coaching carousel finally came to an end with the hiring of Gregg Popovich. Under Pop the Spurs won all four of their NBA championships while he won coach of the year honors in both 2003 and 2012.

San Antonio Spurs Betting on the NBA

If there is ever a NBA future bet on if the Spurs will make the playoffs next year that might be the safest bet ever as the team has not missed the playoffs since Duncan was added to the roster in 1997. In addition to the playoffs the Spurs have been a force in their division winning it about fifty percent of the time since they have joined the NBA. Even though the landscape of basketball is always changing the Spurs stay relatively consistent and therefore tend to be easy to bet on and against. While it appears to be increasingly difficult to come out of the West, the Spurs have to be considered as a viable option as long as Popvich remains the head coach of the Spurs.