Five Tips for Taking Action on the Second Half of NBA Games

Most sportsbooks offer action on the second half of an NBA game. The way it works is you’re given a spread for the second half scoring only and you determine which team will win that latter part of the game.

Sports betting on the second half of a game can have its advantages. If you’ve already wagered on the game itself, you could set yourself up for a win-win situation. Here are five tips for taking advantage of second half NBA betting.

Favored NBA Team is Losing

The first thing to do is to find games where the favored club is losing. Look for contests where the team that’s down is heavily favored and has the firepower to mount an all-out comeback. Bet on the favored team if they are down.

The reason you want to make this wager is because chances are the team that possesses that explosive offense punch is going to use it in the second half and mount a comeback. Even if they don’t win the game, there’s a good chance that they will take the second half.

Spread Looks Real Good

One edge that the sports bettors often have when it comes to second half betting is the fact that bookies have very little time to create the spreads. They have to be done and posted quickly so that bettors have a chance to wager. So a few minutes after the first half ends, the second half spreads must be listed. That means that you’ll find some good deals. Here’s what to look for:

  • Spreads where the favored team has to win the half by fewer points than its down overall.
  • Minimal spreads where the favored club is at five points or less.
  • Spreads where the team you’re betting on has a history of scoring bunches of points quickly.

Deals are out there, so look for them.

Days with a Full Slate

The more games a handicapper has to deal with the better for you. That means that handicappers have a decent chance of making a miscalculation or setting a spread too quickly. Also, if there’s a full slate of games being played, you have more choices in terms of which second half wagers to make.

NBA Games Where You Already Have an Edge

If it looks like you have a good chance of winning the game, then carefully consider making a second half wager on it. Don’t make this an overriding factor, but you should certainly think about betting again on a game where it appears that you’ve done an accurate analysis.

Less Important NBA Games

One place that you may find a bargain is the less important NBA games. That’s because these tend to attract fewer sports bettors than the high profile contests. As an example, chances are the Lakers/Celtics game is going to get a lot more action than the Golden State/Grizzlies game. Handicappers are simply going to be more careful with and attentive to games that are attracting a lot of cash.

Sports Betting Second Half Reminders

One thing you must be wary of is the need to weigh each of the above tips. You’re doing a very fast analysis and really need to have your information well organized. With that in mind, start prepping for your second half wagering in the second quarter. Try to watch or monitor live the games on which you may be wagering. Just going by the score is risky, as you won’t have any idea about the ebb and flow of the contest. You also want to be current on any negative foul situations, game injuries, off games that players might be having and odd coaching decisions. Bet on the current situation.