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SportsInteraction Review

SportsInteraction (SIA) is an online sportsbook that was established in 1997, making it an early comer into the online gambling scene with loads of experience, stability, and security. The website offers plenty of betting opportunities with the bettors’ favorite sports and teams. They are fully licensed and regulated in North America, making it the perfect place for Canadian players to do their sports betting at (not US friendly); especially during the basketball season, with the NCAA and the NBA going strong, the player can bet on their favorite team or during tournaments, such as March Madness on their bracket bets.

SportsInteraction Overview

If you like sports and want to casually bet on them, this online sportsbook makes it easy, and a great experience while you do. The website offers great variety of ways that a person can log in and start betting, as well as plenty of up to date information that help make a wiser bet. The layout of the SportsInteraction website makes it very simple to navigate, having the sports links to the right and all the information that comes with each sport on the rest of the page. Looking for specific matches or teams is also very simple to do, either going to the sport and going from there or using the search function.

A good example of a popular sport is Basketball. Once you click on the general link, there are many options available that a bettor can pick from. The website lets the bettor know which tournaments are being played by allowing access to them. Once an option is picked at Sports Interaction, NBA for instance, they display the games currently being played and the upcoming matches as well. This lets the user have up to date information, letting them place wagers before and throughout the matches. They even have a live betting function, as the matches are played, everything updates automatically – let’s not forget they also have a mobile friendly sportsbook app for all their members, Canadians and/or European!

Sports at SportsInteraction

The SIA online sportsbook keeps track of and allows betting on many different sports. Many fan favorites for the North American audience would have to be Basketball, American Football, Baseball, Soccer, and Hockey. For the fighting enthusiast, they also have a great selection of Boxing and MMA betting available. They even have the lesser viewed sports that have fans spread all over. Some of which are Cricket, Rugby, Tennis, and many others. Since most sports have a playing season, Sports Interaction makes sure that they feature the current sports, while keeping the bettors informed about upcoming events. It is very easy for a new user to find and start placing bets on their favorite teams. If it wasn’t enough to keep the members informed, they also have a Game Chat, where members can talk among themselves.

Placing Bets and Promotions at SportsInteraction

Placing NBA bets was never made easier, faster, and come with such great promotions than those offered at SportsInteraction (also known as SIA). A bettor needs to sign up and fund their account using any of the many methods made available, such as credit cards, wire transfers or using other online banking options. For these first timers, they have a welcome bonus where they match 100% up to $200. That is plenty of money to place on a first, or multiple, bets and come out on top.

Do not worry if you are inexperienced at gambling, they have a section completely devoted to explaining and teaching the new member how to place bets. They explain what a point spread is and the odds for each match, as well as showing how to calculate the possible winnings. With such a great feature that not many places offer, anyone can learn how to read the statistics and be able to place a bet that favors them.

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