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TopBet Sportsbook

For all the sports fans that like to follow, bet, and win with their favorite sports and sports teams, is the place for you. A fresh face among all the other older online sportsbooks, and it is taking America by surprise. For all the US bettors, this is the place you want to go to place your bets, since it is completely open to US residents and offers great services. Based out of Manila in the Philippines, and licensed in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, this makes for a fully backed and safe haven for US sports fans.

TopBet Website

The TopBet online sportsbooks’ website is relatively new, making all the features completely up to date and the layout looks and feels amazing.  For the sports betting aspect of TopBet there is no need for a bettor to download any kind of software, as everything is run and managed through the website itself. As there are some elements on the website that use Flash, it can be accessed on mobile devices that use and/or allow Flash. By making it so easily accessible, any player in the US can place a bet or simply follow their favorite teams’ stats. The layout makes it easy for anyone wanting to place a bet, the bettor simply decides what sport they want to bet on, select it from the giant list of sports made available, and pick the match that will bring them the big win.

Once a bettor picks a sport, the website will show them tables with all kinds of information, letting them place a well-informed bet. TopBet shows who is playing in the match, with the date and time they will be playing. The other information includes the Spread and its Price, Money, the Over and Under, with its price. When a bettor places a wager, the stats during the time of the wager will be kept for that particular bet. If the odds or the spread change, whether in favor or against the bettor, their bet will be kept with the previous information; unless of course the bettor wishes to update or change their bet.

TopBet Sports and Extras

The online sportsbook offers a wide variety of sports, all of them in order to cater to any of the individual preferences. Some of the more popular sports they offer, and mainly to the US bettor and some catering to EU players (unfortunately CA players are not accepted), are basketball, football, and baseball. With basketball you can bet on the NBA games or in any of the NCAA tournaments, which a very popular one is March Madness. NFL and the super bowl give the football fanatics all the entertainment they could want. The old American favorite past time, baseball, where the bettors can follow and root for their team, as well as make a little money off of them as well.

The TopBet sportsbook has the regular way of betting on NBA teams, however they added a little extra to the mix. They have what is called parlays, a fun way to make side bets during sports matches. Some examples of possible parlays include betting on total points in a match or several matches, who will score the most, and even who will be the MVP of the match.

TopBet Bonuses and Promotions

At TopBet there are so many great bonuses and promotions specially made for the sportsbook users. There are the deposit bonuses, which include the Initial Deposit bonus of 50% up to $250, and a 10% Reload bonus. A bettor that refers a friend to TopBet can earn up to $250 on each referral. There are various other promotions that deal with each sport’s playing season. For now, there are tons of NBA and NCAA promotions for bettors to get into and have a chance to earn free playable money. During March Madness, they have a Sweet Sixteen $50 free bet that the bettor can place when the sweet sixteen roster is posted. With so many great sports, as well as incentives to bet on them, it is hard to not join TopBet Sportsbook.