Twenty NBA Tips to Take You Through the NBA Season

The NBA is a challenging league to understand. It has innumerable opportunities for sports bettors and the potential is there for big payouts. Here’s a look at ten things you should do and ten things you should not do when betting on NBA games.


Betting on the NBA

Do these ten things to flex your betting muscles when betting on the NBA and keep yourself focused and successful throughout the season.

  1. Stay involved in league news and developments each and every day.
  2. Do the work you need to do prior to placing a wager.
  3. Bet only on games that look like good bets.
  4. Wager on up to 12 games per week.
  5. Subscribe to insider news.
  6. Find four teams that look to win 50 or more games and play them.
  7. Keep track of how teams are doing against the spread. Use that information.
  8. Look for strong home teams that do well versus the spread.
  9. Look for strong road teams that do well against the spread.
  10. Bet on defenses. They win games.

Don’t Do These Things

Here is a list of things that you should not do. Many are related to taking too many risks or making bets that are very hard to win.

  1. If you have a favorite team, don’t bet on them just because you like them.
  2. Stay away from bets that are hard to win such as parlays, props and other exotics.
  3. Never wager more than 5% of your bankroll.
  4. Don’t wager on hunches.
  5. Don’t limit your analysis to one or two stats. Use as much information as you can access.
  6. Don’t use just one source for your information.
  7. Don’t bet on game-to-game momentum. Momentum occurs within games.
  8. Don’t double or increase your bets after losing.
  9. Don’t wager when you are unfocused or in anyway impaired.
  10. When on a winning streak, don’t forget that you can lose and getting lazy or complacent increases your chances of doing just that.

It’s About Balance

Professional sports bettors know that wagering is about balancing facts, data, statistics and other information in order to create a sound analysis of the teams and games they’re considering. Their wagers are based on sound research, detailed analysis and a thorough understanding of the league and game. Use the 20 points above to help keep your sports betting efforts on track.

If these NBA betting Tips were not enough, and you feel compelled to get additional help with your NBA bets, then you might want to consider looking into some NBA betting picks, where expert handicappers will inform you of the best bets to put your money in, sometimes giving you guarantees or free picks too – either way, you’ll most likely end-up winning something.