NBA Tool Kit

In Sports Betting Utilize these Tools to Win

Sports betting takes a lot of work and that means that you need resources and knowledge to do that work. In essence as a sports bettor your job is to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each team and game-day matchups. Throughout this process, you’re trying to average a win rate of at least 60%. If you can do that, you’ll make money.

You have the best chance of consistently picking winners if you utilize various tools that are at your disposal. Let’s consider five of these tools that every sports bettor should have in their NBA tool kit.

NBA Previews

Before the regular season starts, NBA preview publications hit the newsstands and appear online. Many of the online previews are free and those published in magazine form are fairly inexpensive. Although these previews are written before one preseason game is played, they will give you a good idea of roster strength, past performance and potential for success. No preview is 100% correct but good one’s are right about 80% of the time. Use these as a way to create a foundation for the season, knowing that a lot will happen during the season to change your perception.

The NBA Web Site

The official website of the NBA is at You’ll find a lot of important information that includes statistics, videos, articles, interviews and more. The site makes the stats easy to use and information is updated regularly. There are various services that you can subscribe to that will give you full access to all games and other site features. This is an important sports betting site.

Preseason Games

Watch as many preseason games as you can. These will give you a good sense of the talent level, how teams are progressing and what the roster may look like when the regular season starts. However, always remember that the preseason is just that and that you are watching exhibition games. Coaches may play some players more and other players less than they will in the regular season, trying to give new players game experience while resting others who may need less work.

Fox Sports, ESPN, etc.

Sports sites associated with TV networks are useful, and they often have services that you can subscribe to that will offer premium information. Check them out. Subscriptions are usually inexpensive and can be worth the cash. You’ll also find valuable preseason assessments that are written just before the start of the season. These can be very useful.

NBA Handicapping Services

There are handicapping services that you may subscribe to that will give you daily picks. These can be useful if you are going to bet each week and most days. Services often provide a discount rate if you subscribe to them for the full season. Here’s what to expect from a good NBA picks service.

  • Information regarding how much it costs and exactly what you get.
  • Statistics regarding past performance.
  • A guarantee against your losing cash by using their picks. Usually this is in the form of free services and it’s equal in time to the services in question.
  • Handicappers should be NBA specialists. Do not go with a service that has the same person picking all sports. You want guys who are focused on the NBA.

After purchasing handicapping services, you should not drop out of the game. Pick services are just one of many tools at your disposal. You want to stay focused on and involved in the season. It is your cash that you are betting with.

Making Money at Sports Betting

You can make money through NBA sports betting. It does involve work and using as many quality tools as you have at hand will give you a leg up when it comes to wagering. Use the five tools described in this article as a foundation for your sports betting enterprise.