NBA Utah Jazz History

The Jazz franchise was first established in 1974, however the team was first located in New Orleans. In the five years in New Orleans the Jazz suffered poor records that lead to low profits and difficulty in scheduling games at home. For these reasons the team relocated to Utah in 1979. Before the Jazz, Utah was host to host to the ABA team the Stars. The Stars had financial issues and moved to Los Angeles a few years before the Jazz came to town. The team still suffered for a handful of years after they relocated to Utah, but players like John Stockton, Karl Malone, and Mark Eaton helped to turn the franchise around. Mostly under the direction of coach Jerry Sloan the Jazz strung together an impressive twenty straight playoff appearances. Two of those playoff runs entailed NBA Finals appearances, but both were ended by Michael Jordan’s Bulls. The team struggled again after losing all these players until the team drafted guard Deron Williams. Williams brought the team back to the playoffs but quickly left for a larger market team. While the Jazz do not have any superstars, prospects look promising for future teams.

The Jazz Basketball Team Ownership

The founding owner of the Jazz, Sam Battisone, is the main decision maker when the team moved to Utah. Battisone did not sell the team, but just thought the team would have more success in Utah than New Orleans. Battisone eventually sold the team to Larry Miller who took care of the Jazz during their prominent years. Miller eventually died due to diabetes complications and passed on his team to his family where it still stands today.

Utah NBA Basketball Arena

When the Jazz relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah they escaped their arena troubles they suffered in New Orleans. The team played in two different arenas and had to make long road trips while the city of New Orleans was celebrating Mardi Gras. In Utah the Jazz play in EnergySolutions Arena, formerly known as the Delta Center. The Arena is capable of seating 19,911 people for its basketball games, and was even used for several Olympic events when the events were held in Salt Lake City.

Fan Base for the Utah Jazz Team

As the only major professional sports team in Utah, the Salt Lake City fans offer their team great support at home. This is somewhat surprising considering that Utah is not a large market team located in a huge metropolis, or even a consistent championship threat anymore. Nevertheless fans from Utah look forward to the basketball season when they can fill EnergySolutions Arena and see their Jazz play.

Basketball Coaching for the Jazz

The Jazz Franchise struggled until coach Frank Layden took over and quickly pulled the team to its first winning record and division title. Under Layden the Jazz would go on to many more playoff appearances until he stepped down in 1988. This opened the door for hall of fame coach Jerry Sloan. Under Sloan the Jazz had very successful regular seasons but often struggled in the playoffs. Sloan was able to take his team to the NBA Finals twice but was not able to win it all. Sloan resigned halfway through the 2010 season leaving assistant coach and retired Jazz player Tyrone Corbin with the reigns

Utah Jazz NBA Betting

The Jazz have been one of the most consistent teams over the past few decades for betting on the NBA as well as playing skill wise. Most of this consistency was due to the coaching of Jerry Sloan and some of the all-stars he coached. Still, the Jazz have been a safe bet to make the playoffs most of the years they have been in the league. Unfortunately for Jazz fans they have not yet won an NBA Finals championship. This history does not bode particularly well for the future teams either. Regardless this history will help create high payouts if the Jazz do win the Finals and could give a wise bettor a large payday.