Washington Wizards History

The Wizards franchise got its start in 1961 as the Chicago Packers. The team was the first NBA expansion franchise but did not last long in Chicago as they moved to Baltimore in 1963 and became the Bullets. While in Baltimore, the team had much more success on their way to making the playoffs and NBA Finals for the first time in NBA history. Despite some good seasons in Baltimore the franchise moved closer to Washington and quickly changed their name to the Washington Bullets. Soon after the move the Bullets won the franchises first NBA Championship in 1978. After this win the team saw a steep decline and have only made it past the first round of the playoffs once in the last thirty years. In 1995 the team again changed its name to the Wizards because “Bullets” had gained some violent connotations. Years later Michael Jordan came out of retirement with the Wizards and played very well until he became limited due to injury. He soon retired and was fired as the team’s director of basketball operations. Despite numerous high draft selections the Wizards have not been able to together any good teams recently and figure to continue to draft high.

Washington Wizards Ownership

Abe Pollian controlled the Wizards for most of the team’s history, owning them from 1964 to his death in 2009. While Pollian owned the team he had some high profile minority owners like Michael Jordan and current owner Ted Leonsis. Under Leonsis the Wizards have struggled mightily, but it is not for lack of desire as the owner has signed several free agents to try to improve his teams record.

Washington Wizards Arena

The Wizards currently play their home games in the Verizon Center in Washington DC. The Wizards share their arena with the NHL’s Washington Capitals, the WNBA’s Mystics, and the Georgetown Hoyas basketball team. Before the Verizon Center the franchise played its home games in the Baltimore Civic Center and even after they moved to Washington played a few home games each year back in Baltimore.

Washington Wizards Fan Base

Wizard’s fans love their home team, and would love nothing more for them to return to the success they had in the late 70s. Despite the team’s records usually among the bottom of the league, attendance numbers are slightly higher, indicating the cities optimism. If the team is able to put a few winning seasons together the fans will likely rally behind them with high attendance. Although the NFL’s Washington Redskins may convert the city to football as this promising franchise has increasing success.

Washington Wizards Coaching

In the glory days of Washington basketball coaches like Gene Shue and Dick Motta lead the franchise to the success it experienced in the 70s. Recently the franchise has been left scratching its head as it cycles through coaches in search of victories. Current coach Randy Wittman has not experience much of this during his head coaching stints at Cleveland or Minnesota, however he will look to turn this around in Washington.

Washington Wizards Betting

Betting on the Wizards may be unlike betting on any other NBA team. The Wizards will likely be the underdog in nearly every game they play this year, as they are a prime candidate for a high lottery spot each year. When betting on Washington the bettor must not figure out if the team will win or not but more likely it will be by how much they will lose. Since the Wizards will be underdogs often they will offer a good payout on the money line all season to those who can determine when they will get their wins. With that said a wager on the team to win the Eastern Conference Championship or NBA Finals may be not even be worth the great odds it comes with. Even though the franchise does not seem bound for success now it might not be far off as this team already has some young talent on it and appears destined to add some more high draft picks in the near future. If this is the case the team has a chance to jettison itself up towards the top of its division.